Warriors are strong physical melee attackers that are on the frontlines of all battles. Along with having high physical strength, they have some strong buffs and a few close proximity AoEs.


  • High P.damage
  • Several AoEs
  • Self & Party Buffs
  • High P.defenses


  • Low M.defenses
  • High repair costs

Primary Attributes:

  • Strength (P.Att, P.Def Piercing, P.crit Rate, Crit Dmg)

Starting InfoEdit


When you first begin, you start out with the following stats:
Bolded Stats indicate Primary & Secondary Attributes.

  • Strength: 15
  • Dexterity: 9
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Constitution: 16
  • Spirit: 5

Prior to the promotion to Conquerer, you will not be able to adjust these. You can however buy equipment and soups or potions that give you increased stats.

After the Conquerer promotion, you will receive 10 Stat points + an addition 2 for every level past 50. These must be allocated manually under the "Character Info" screen.

You should always put 1 point into Dexterity to improve your Hit Rate, Dodge Rate, and Crit Rate; but only 1 because after that it does not help, only wastes points.

The rest of your Stat points should be allocated between Strength and Constitution.


Each class has a preference for certain types of Pran due to the passive and active skills they give to their master. For warriors, these preferences are for Fire and Water Pran depending if you are looking for a more defensive or offensive build.

Fire Pran:

  • Enhances attacks and critical rate, + maximum HP, and resistances.

Water Pran:

  • Enhances defenses, + maximum MP, and resistances.


Each class also gets their very own type of Mount. The warrior's is called a Regulus. You can also buy a Maharaja from the Cash Shop.

One free mount comes from a quest at level 40 in Cirrugor from Sir Ruffington. Any other mounts must be purchased. These mounts can be enchanted the same as other equipment to add enhancements to the warrior's stats via the same NPC in Cirrugor. The number of enchantments available depends on which mount you possess, the quest one only has 1 slot, but there is a maximum of 3 enchantments for Cash Shop mounts.


The warrior wears metal armor and uses a 2-handed Sword for a weapon. As you level, more equipment options become available to you, but these two things do not change.

There are three types of equipment:

  • Normal
  • Unique
  • Superior.

Unique equipment usually comes in sets that give bonus stat improvements if you possess 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the set pieces. These are generally the most desired because you get enhancements from the 1 piece of equipment as well as another from having multiple pieces.

Superior equipment is the next best. This equipment has the improved basic stats of the Normal counterpart, as well as an additional bonus. But these do not have a set bonus.

Normal equipment is the least desired and generally shouldn't be reinforced or enchanted because you will be improving an inferior quality item. They have lessened stats and no bonus effects. If this is all you can get, use it until you are able to obtain a Superior or Unique item.



Skill Quick Description
Slash Slash A Skill That can take off Parry Really Fast ;D
Charge Ram target inflicting stun causing small amount of damage. Short cooldown.
Armor Break Single-target attack that decreases defense.
Taunt Increase threat level to aggro targets.
Berserk Increases attack and moving speed, but decrease dodge rate.
Blade Storm 4 meter AoE.
Howl of Glory Increase Party's HP, MP, and HP and MP recovery.
Smash Single-target attack, knocks target back.
Focused Might Increase Physical Attack and Hit Rate.
Dragon Spirit Increases HP and HP recovery.
Howl of Valor Increases Party's Str, Dex, and Int.
Earthquake Strong 5 meter AoE, slows targets.
Howl of Wrath Weak 6 meter AoE, stuns targets.
Lionheart Increase Skill Att and Crit Rate. Must be used while in Berserk.
Gash 6s DoT, reduces healing rate.
Howl of Fortitude Increases Party's Phys & Mag Defenses, + Abnormal Status Resist.
Dragon Strike Strong single-target attack, silences target.
Shockwave Strong 5 meter AoE. Long cooldown.
Howl of Dread AoE debuff, inflicts fear.
Battle Inspiration Decreases Cooldown of all skills.
Dragon Rage Strong 6 meter ranged AoE. Long cooldown.
Deadly Charge Charges dealing large amount of damage, reduces Move Speed & Crit Resist.
Battle Instinct Decrease AoE damage taken and increase Crit Rate.
Master of Blades Reduces targets Defense and increases Crit Damage caused. Drains certain amount of MP per second.
Blood Strike Single-target attack, additional damage equal to a percentage of current HP.
Howl of Freedom Increase Party's Move Speed, removes curses, Immunity to Abnormal Status.
Howl of Blood Recovers HP & MP by amount of damage done to enemies by party members.
Masochism Increases Phys & Skill Att, Increase Crit chance and damage. Uses a set percentage of HP instead of MP for skills.

Some random Skill Build suggestions found on various sites:
These are for suggestive purposes to compare what others use and should be modified to fit your playing style. There is no universal build.




Skill Images Courtesy of IzkayRedKael from Aika Global forums:

  • Berserk
  • Howl of Wrath
  • Howl of Valor
  • Howl of Glory
  • Howl of Dread
  • Howl of Fortitude
  • Gash
  • Earthquake
  • Dragon Strike
  • Charge
  • Blade Storm
  • Smash
  • Slash
  • Shockwave
  • Lionheart
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