Warlocks are the main AoE damage dealing class in Aika. They also have a few debuffs and two personal shields.


  • High M.damage (Only WLs have high M.Def)
  • Several AoEs and Strong single-target attacks
  • 2 Shields


  • Low P.defenses
  • MP intensive
  • Mana Shield eats mana

Primary Attributes:

  • Spirit (Max MP, MP Recovery, Skill Attack Max, & All Status Resist)
  • Intellect (M.Attack , M.Def Piercing , Cool Down Reduction)

Secondary Attributes:

  • Skill Attack Max
  • Crit Rate
  • Hit Rate
  • Abnormal Status Resistance

(crit rate and skill attack max are both very important)


Warlocks have several strong AoEs that DoT and require channeling, a few AoEs that are insta-cast, and several single-target magical attacks that inflict high damage. They have two shields, one of which consumes MP instead of HP. There are a few debuffs that stun, silence, and polymorph which turns the target into a helpless bunny.

This class is useful in PvE situations for their dps and crowd control abilities. They are extremely effective in PvE due to their shields as long as they have adequate ASR or specific resistances to avoid silences and stuns. They are also effective in PvP because of their high damage as well as stuns, silences, and ability to remove divine ward from Paladins


Beginning Stats:Edit

  • Strength: 7
  • Dexterity: 9
  • Intellect: 16
  • Constitution: 1
  • Spirit: 10

General Stat BuildsEdit

Build 1:

  • Full Spirit
    • Highest SAM which increases overall damage as well
    • Highest ASR to evade stuns, silences, fear, etc.
    • Highest MP & MP Recovery which is important for Mana Shield
    • Most common stat build for warlocks.

Build 2:

  • Full Intellect
    • Highest M.Att (increases M.Att value without increasing SAM)
    • Slightly lower CD (around 5% for full INT level 75 WL)

Build 3:

  • Half Intellect
  • Half Spirit
    • Hyrbrid, gives a little benefit of both builds.


Stat builds can be supplemented with equipment, accessory, Pran, and Mount enchantments. Warlocks tend to emphasize stun, silence, and crit resistances, crit rate, hit rate, SAM, and intellect or spirit depending on the build. Players with a spirit build will have higher abnormal status resistances and may not require additional status resistant enchantments.

The enchantments you need would depend on whether you are heavy PvP or mostly PvE. Higher level dungeons, for farming, have a lot of debuffing mobs and bosses so having high silence and stun resistances is extremely beneficial. PvP enchantments focus heavily on crit resist and status resist such as stun, fear, silence. However, warlocks also have a passive skill that reduces the chance of being feared or silenced.


The equipment you choose depends on your budget, PvP or PvE, and time you have to finish quests or collect honor. Below is a list of the most commonly used sets; however, this is not a complete list of all equipment available.


Some sets give set boosts for having 3, 4, or 5 pieces of the set.

Level 50:

  • Warlock's Strife
  • Mana Set

Level 55:

  • Black Ghost
  • 09 Company Set

Level 60:

  • Blazing Trace Set (also known as : Kinary Aviary Elite Set, KAE Set)
  • Nature's Blessing Set

Level 65:

  • Glorious Set
  • 65 Honor (most common)

Level 70:

  • Shooting Star Set
  • Severe Cold Set
  • Rave Gust Set

Level 75:

  • Gold Set
  • Truth Seeker
  • Obsidian Honor
  • Ancient Honor

Level 80 :

  • Armageddon Set
  • Life Set
  • Twilight Set
  • Dawn Set

Level 85 :

  • Vanguard Set (also known as 85Honor Set)


Some sets require all pieces of the set for the set effects; however, some sets such as the Truth Seeker only require 4 pieces which allows you to use a better unique weapon instead of the set weapon.

Level 55:

  • Beques of the Forest : Ruin

Level 65:

  • Lost Beques : Ruin

Level 75:

  • Orcus
  • Flamelord
  • Novaquake

Level 85:

  • Destroyer


  • Shadowfall does not stack when other players cast it at the same time. Only the person that casted 1st will be hitting the targets. This is because SF is added as a debuff on target, you can see this by clicking on the target.
  • If a player is being attacked and they run through your AoE, the targets attention may be refocused on the Warlock. This may be useful or problematic as the other player won't be killed, however you may be killed with the extra aggro.
  • Several skills, such as Rend Soul, used to be much more effective than it currently is. Remember this when looking at old skill builds.
  • If Meteor is used for grinding, you may use this as the 1st attack and then, after cooldown, use a stun or sleep to disable the target and reuse meteor again.
  • Fireball has an extremely high crit rate and is generally regarded as the best beginner semi insta-cast attack. However, at later levels Hellfire and Aether Flare have really high damage with only a slight CD.
  • Skill attack max (SAM) is one of the main reason some Warlocks prefer a pure Spirit build. SAM increases attack by increasing the absolute maximum amount of damage you can inflict in one hit instead of increasing your base attack as intellect does. This works in your favor because you will not only be hitting just as hard as an INT build, but you will be able to hit much higher crits.
  • SPR build also increases abnormal status resistance which increases your odds of evading a silence or stun. Silencing a WL is almost a death sentence if the enemy is able to remove the WLs shields quickly.
  • If you want higher critical damage, use STR pots with Fresh Karena Soups. This will give you the extra crit damage as well as increased benefits of INT and SPR.
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