Traits: Cunning, Militaristic, Ruthless

Vanov is a very militaristic nation. Their guilds are strong and hierarchical, and leaders do not tolerate dissent. Not only do Vanovians have a reputation for their ferocity in war, their commanders are renowned for their strategic and tactical prowess. They consider building their military strength to be their national goal, and they constantly contend with each other and other nations for dominance.

Their guilds may make alliances with each other, or the nation itself might ally with other nations, but only when the Vanovians involved see the benefit to themselves. Vanov is not the ideal place for the freewheeling, anti-establishment type. This nation is about group efficiency and power, neither of which can be developed to full potential if ideas like “disagreement” and “non-standard thinking” interfere.

Citizens of Vanov have national pride and may trust the people they form groups with, but they remain closed to everyone else.

The citizens of each Nation determine the type of environment of the Nation. Above is a description of Ostyrion from the developers.

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