This is one of three dungeons located in Drago. Tyriantor is located in the northern area of the map. Aquados is another dungeon and is located on the eastern side of the city. Finally Cauchemar is the last dungeon and is located on the western side of the city.

Drago is accessible from a NPC in Epheso. All buffs, debuffs, and tax rates applicable in Traband are also in effect in Drago.



  • Minimum Level: 65, 75+ recommended
  • Minimum Party: Raid, Max of 2 Parties
  • Daily Limit: 1 per week max

There are 2 quests in Tyriantor:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
80 (Tyriantor) Island of the Dead Raman Ratte Kill Tobiatos Dragon Soldiers, Graven Soul, and Envoy
80 (Tyriantor) Undead Dragon Raman Ratte Kill Tobiatos

This dungeon consists of only 1 room where the main boss, Tobiatos, is located. This other mobs will spawn in this room as well.

Tobiatos' Skills:

  • Shadow Flame Breath: Decreases physical & magical damage by 25%
  • Shadow Vortex: Reduces magic absorbing?
  • Burning Shadow Flame: Increases Tobiatos' strength Phys Atk + 3530, Mag Atk + 100, Crit Rate + 50 for 60 seconds on a 60 second cooldown
  • Troops of Grave: Bone: Summons Bone Soldiers
  • Troops of Grave: Wraith: Summons Graven Soul
  • Troops of Grave: Reaper: Summons Dragon Soldiers & Envoy

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The Wraiths spawn when Tobiatos is at 75% HP and Reapers Spawn when he is 50% HP. Before then only the Bone Soldiers spawn


All Mobs:

  • Pellurite [A], Rubicine [A], Pellurite [AA], Rubicine [AA]


  • Ark of Death & Life [Armor]
  • Ark of Twilight & Dawn [Armor]
  • Light of Hestia


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