Traband Tower Wars is a nation vs nation event that takes place in Traband every 18 hours. The event lasts for either 1 hour or 1st nation to 100 points.

This event provides buffs to participants that protect players in Traband from the harsh climate conditions radiating from the Eye of Skadi.

To get to Traband, board the ship in Cirrugor Marina. This will transport you to one of three ports located in Traband: Sar, Gobei, or Kakan.

Tower WarsEdit

There is a gauge at the bottom of the screen when you are in Traband. This gauge tells players how long until Tower Wars begin again.

Near each of the ports, there is a Watch Tower with the same name.

Every 3 minutes a random relic will be generated from the Towers. Each relic awards either 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, or 15 points to the capping nation.

All nations will compete to gain control of these relics and then escort them to the Eye of Skadi where 6 altars are located. Only 1 relic can be capped at 1 of the altars every 5 minutes. The carrier of a relic is supersized in appearence and has the golden glow that normal relic carriers bear in Lakia.

At the end of the event, the nations are given a letter ranking based on their number of points. See rewards for the meaning of each ranking.


Relics Point ValueEdit

  • Sword of Valor: 15 points
  • Broken Sword of Valor: 5 points
  • Soul of Valor: 12 points
  • Broken Soul of Valor: 3 points
  • Armor of Valor: 10 points
  • Broken Armor of Valor: 1 point


Holy Dice used for Pheltas and Mark of the Tower is given to all members of the capping raid.

Ranks from highest to lowest:Edit

  • Rank A: 100 Points
  • Rank B: 81-99 Points
    • 5% Tax Rate, 10 Abnormal Status Resist Buff
  • Rank C: 51-80 Points
    • 10% Tax Rate, 5 Abnormal Status Resist Buff
  • Rank D: 0-50 Points
    • 15% Tax Rate, 0 Abnormal Status Resist Buff
  • 0 Relics Capped/Non-participation: 3 Debuffs
    • -10% HP/MP
    • -10% Physical/Magical Attack
    • -10% Physical/Magical Defense
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