Traband is a pvp map that contains players from all nations without guards protecting you. There are no pve options on this map.

To get to Traband for free, board the ship in Cirrugor Marina. This boat will take you to one of the three ports located in Traband: Sar Port, Gobei Port, or Kakan Port.

The only safe town in Traband is Ephesolocated to the north. Quests in Traband begin at level 70.

There is one dungeon located in Traband, it is found in Mt. Aboel and called Lycan's Cave.

Traband is the site of the Traband Tower Wars which happens daily every 18 hours. This event rewards Holy Dice for Pheltas and buffs for the nation for participation. If a nation does not participate in this event, the entire nation will incur a debuff as well as a rise in taxes in Traband.

The following is a list of only NPCs and Mobs located on the Traband map. For information about Sar, Gobei, and Kakan Ports, Epheso, Hama Valley, Argent Forest, or Mt. Aboel please visit the blue links.

Seukadi's Tear the field boss randomly spawns in Traband! If you run across this beast, make sure to find a party to reap the rewards with.

The Hama Valley is home to the Bigfoot Hot Springs also known as the Traband Fishery! If you are looking for an Aika hobby that may give some big rewards, check out Fishing! This area is not the best to do this in, however, because you may become an open target to enemies.


NPCs are "Non-Playing Characters" that give you quests , complete quests, sell items , or otherwise interact with you.

As with items, you can search these people in the "Search" bar located on the map in-game.

NPC Significance
Abel Ripley
Alex Barbosa
Carlton Brown
Chris Nelson
Cordor's Messenger
Donnie Boyle
Drake Moth
Ivan Klasnic
Jason Bradley
Jeremy Justice
Milton Austin
Sheba Beagleros

Quest ObjectsEdit

These are items that you must interact with to complete certain quests. Quest objects are typically only used for one quest, rarely more than one.

You can easily find these objects by typing the name into the "Search" bar located on the map.

Quest Objects
Gobei Relic Generator Rahom Clan's BBQ
Heat Transmitter Sar Relic Generator
Huron Clan Document Cabinet Sealed Altar
Kakan Relic Generator Sealing Tree
Kareumanyum Gemstones Signpost
Munition Box


Mobs are "Mobiles" which basically translates into mobile hostile creatures. These mobs may be aggressive and attack you without provocation or may not.

They drop items for craftingquest items, and equipmentEquipment dropped is typically based on the level of the mobs.

All Mobs Randomly Drop:

Mob Essence Cloth Leather Minerals
Ancient Elphas
Argent Forest Spirit
Black Scale Wyvern
Blizzard Sanja
Caelium Titan
Cordor's Decoy
Cruel Topography Investigator Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Cruel Weather Observer Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Frost Apbas
Frost Titan Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Frost Yeti Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Glacial Seupenta
Herculean Wendigo
Huron Clan Scout Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Huron Clan Slave Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Ice Titan
Lahom Clan Assault Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Lahom Clan Best Soldier Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Lahom Clan Combatant Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Lahom Clan Officer Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Lahom Clan Remnant Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Lahom Clan Straggler Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Mutant Wyvern
Mutated Caelium Titan
Mutated Titan
Red Scale Wyvern
Tundra Croshu Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
Tundra Elphas
Vanguard Captain Bleeder
Vicious Frost Yeti Silica Cloth Reinforced Serimight
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