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Map Lenfer mine
The Lost Mines are as the name suggests, Mines. There are actually two parts to the Mines, one is just called the Lost Mines and the other is called Lost Mines West. Each are clearly marked on the map in-game, but see the map to the right for the locations to the entrances.
  • Entrance Key/Crystal Needed: None
  • Party Size limits: None
  • Player Level limits: None; Hell mode: 75
  • Daily limit: Hell mode once per day
  • Time limit:

The recommended level for this dungeon 40 for Normal Mode.

Overview Edit

This is the 1st difficult dungeon in the game and may require a few people to complete for low levels. I would suggest at least having 3 people: Paladin or Warrior, Dual Gunner/ Rifleman/ Warlock, and a Cleric. The PL pulls mobs and is a melee attacker while the DG, RM, and WL are ranged damage dealing classes. The Cleric is useful for attack, but mainly for healing and resurrecting.

If you would like to cheat and have the dungeon be significantly easier, have one person enter the dungeon and the rest of the party members can use Dungeon Recall scrolls to warp to that person. This is called scaling. The scrolls are expensive so you would only want to do this sparingly. If one member does not have a scroll, have them go in 1st.

There are 21 quests for Lost Mines:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
40 [Normal] Grandfather's Wish Candace Shagwell Collect Green and Purple Caelium Ore
40 [Normal] Illusion Stone Theletar Peralta Click on La Cidro Monolith
40 [Normal] Important Material Jimmy Perkins Kill Kurzac and Steuer RX18
42 [Normal] Breach Kiki Kill Major Krauss
43 [Normal] Defeating Malik Captain Broski Kill Malik
43 [Normal] Grave of Aluria Sir Albertstein Click on Stone Graves and kill Alurias
43 [Normal] Useless Parts Blacksmith Jakob Kill Steuer RX18
43 [Normal] Dark Knight Loric Captain Broski Kill Dark Knight Loric
45 [Normal] Causes of All Bad Things Michael Bentner Kill Archmage Sedin
40 [Hard] Special Magic Tools Sir Ruffington Kill Macanga
44 [Hard] Reason for Corruption Valerie Click on Stone Graves and kill Alurias
45 [Hard] Macanga's Head Skin Merchant Chase Kill Macanga
45 [Hard] Corrupt Aitan Merchant Simon Kill Major Krauss
45 [Hard] White Lions Sonya Firecracker Kill White Lions
45 [Hard] Giant Demon Malik Captain Diana Kill Malik
45 [Hard] Mysterious Stone Captain Pheobe Obtain Illusion Stone
46 [Hard] Re-challenge Blacksmith Jakob Kill Steuer RX18
48 [Hard] Father's Enemy Tammy Baker Kill Lorik, Vilander, and Sedin
50 [Hard] The Toughest Leather Merchant Taylor Kill Gunners and Sharpshooters
48 [Elite] Connected Demons Captain Pheobe Kill Lorik, Assault Soldier, and Malik
50 [Elite] Unstable Parts Blacksmith Jakob Steuer RX18

Complete Walkthrough with Pictures Edit

Lost Mines Map

KeetleBeetle @ Aika Global Forums

This is a great walkthrough.

It is 2 years old, but all of the information and pictures are still correct.

All of the information and pictures came from the above link if you would like to check out the original. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to solo LM at a lower level.

See picture 1. The 1st 2 sets of mobs: 2 stationary and 2 on patrol in and out of the right side tunnel. You can either lure the 2 stationary mobs back up the hill to kill or wait for the patrollers to come back and kill all 4 at one time.

See picture 2. Next, there are 2 sets of stationary shooters. From where you are, take your pick of which set to kill and kill the others next, but it is wise to not pull both at same time unless you or the party can handle it.

See picture 3. There are a total of 9 mobs in this area: 4 in the doorway, 3 directly to the right of the doorway, and 2 on patrol, it is very easy to die in this spot. Here's the trick for killing these mobs: See the green ore on the left? Stand slightly in front of it. This will get the attention of 2 shooters, 1 on the left and 1 on the right. Once they move (not before), run back behind the green ore. This will lure them away from the others so you will not have to deal with all 9 mobs at one time. Repeat this with the soldiers until the doorway is cleared.

Now you have 2 options:

  1. Enter the room and immediately run right and kill 3 to 5 mobs. You can stand on Z to check where the 2 patrolling soldiers are. You can either kill all 5 or kill 3 and then the other two. You decide. You just have to time the kills for when the patrollers are gone.
  2. Lure 2 back into the tunnel. To do this, stand on Y. Plant your character's face on that pillar. When the shooter hits you, run back past the green ore. You'd end up with the shooter and a soldier. Kill them and then kill the wizard. Go back into the doorway to wait for the 2 patrollers.

See picture 4. Now you have 2 patrolling soldiers coming in and out of the tunnel on the right. When they get to the left and stop on the X in the pic, kill them from the doorway.

Once those 2 are dead, go right to the Y in the pic (tunnel entrance) and kill the next 3. Must have ALL attackers stand on Y to avoid drawing attention from any other mobs in the area. Then move to Z to kill the next 3.

Forward to Complete Quests Edit

Forward leads to the Illusion Stone tunnel, Snipers, Guards, Dark Priests, Major Krauss, and The 3 + Legion Assault Soldier.

See picture 5. You can kill the first 2 right from that spot.

See picture 6. Next, there are 2 stationary soldiers and 2 mobs on patrol in and out of the left side tunnel. If you need to seperate them to kill them, lure the 2 stationary soldiers far back to the doorway. Otherwise, wait for the 2 patrolling mobs to come back, lure the other 2 into the left side tunnel, and kill them all at one time.

There are 3 more wizards in the tunnel that leads to the Illusion Stone. You can kill these wizards, but you must kill Loric before completing the Illusion Stone quest because you need the key. Note, the illusion stone quest is repeatable for the levels indicated. Its actually a GOOD idea to repeat the illusion stone quest for 3 reasons.

  1. You can keep trying to get the best reward - For LMN, its a bracelet and for LMH, its earrings.
  2. Even if you dont get the best reward, you can break the accessory given and get pieces of facion or materials.
  3. Continous LM hunting + exp gains.

You have already killed the mobs in the picture 6, but around that corner is 2 more guards. Lure them back to the X point and kill them.

See picture 7. Here's where range is your best option. Kill the snipers using your range. Its so you dont lure the other mobs. As you can see in the pic, there's 2 sets of 2 snipers. 1 set going towards and away from the doorway, the other set moving right, then back left.

WAIT for the 2 to stop right in front of the doorway, THEN kill them. If you're a melee attacker, you should be able to get in close to kill them on the spot. Just DONT move them back. If the timing is off, kill the 2 on the left, move back to the door, then kill the 2 in the doorway.

See picture 8. DONT run around in that area. Stay left and near the doorway. If you're a melee attacker, you need to perform the part next BEFORE this section.

See picture 9. You can stand where im standing and get the 1st guard to chase you. Bring it back into the tunnel and kill it. Repeat for the other 2. You have to get a little close to get the other 2 to chase you. The point is to avoid pulling all of the snipers on you while trying to kill these 1st 3 mobs.

For a melee attacker, once these 3 mobs (3 from previous comment) are dead, go back and kill the 2 snipers on the left. Use timing. Those 2 snipers on the left will move to where im standing so kill them when they come to you. You can see the other 2 patrolling snipers at the X point in the pic. So next run into the tunnel on the right side, the one they are patrolling in and out of to avoid other mobs getting involved.

See picture 10. There are 3 sets of mobs left in the room. You can lure and seperate them or kill them all by set depending on your abilities. If by set, stand at the X, Y, and Z points (in that order) and kill them ALWAYS aiming for the priest 1st. The priest can heal themselves and the other mobs, so you must remove them 1st.

To lure and seperate, for the X set, stand on that torch, spot 1, and the guard will chase you. Bring it back and kill it. Then onto point X to kill the other 2. Then point Y for those 2. To seperate point Z, you can stand on spot 2. The 1 guard showing at point Z will chase you. Kill it, then onto the other 2.

See picture 11. 4 stationary mobs: 2 snipers and 2 guards. Stand slightly further ahead from where im standing to get the attention from the snipers: 1 left side and 1 right side. Lure them back past the doorway and kill them. You can kill the 2 guards now, just DO NOT pass their standing point.

See picture 12. DO NOT PASS the X point. Standing on it will get you the attention of the 2 snipers on the left and right. Lure them back past the X point and kill them. Then kill the other 2 as you can. Either wait for the 2 guard patrollers to leave or kill them all together.

If you need more seperation, start with the left side sniper. Lure it by standing on Z. Bring it back and kill it. Then repeat at Y for the right side sniper. Then you can SLOWLY move closer to the guard from point Y to lure it far back away from the dark priest and kill it. Then the dark priest. Then kill the 2 on patrol.

After you kill the 2 patrolling guards, you'll need at least 2 snipers dead in that tunnel behind those 2 patrolling gaurds in the pic: 1 on the left and 1 on the right. Thats the minimum.

After the 2 snipers, you have 2 tunnels. Right side goes to Krauss and the left side goes to The 3.

To Krauss Edit

See picture 13. You have 3 more snipers in that tunnel and then Krauss. Krauss silences you. Otherwise, its debuffs are not worth noticing. Party members with ranged attacks should try to stay clear of it. Attack at range. If it comes after you, DONT run. Let the priest heal you rather than trying to chase you everywhere. If your a priest, DONT RUN. Let the others take krauss away from you. Then move away a little bit.

To Loric, Vilander, and Sedin Edit

You should have already killed the 2 snipers in that area. Going left brings you to The 3. Here's where you divide and kill. This technique was initally posted here:

See picture 14. Basically, run right up the middle to point X. Then IMMEDIATELY turn around and run back into the tunnel clear back to the doorway. If you did it right, you only have Loric on you. If you have more than 1 of them on you, KEEP RUNNING. When you have none of them on you, go back and repeat until you get only 1 on you. It doesn't matter which you pull, as long as its ONLY 1.

Loric will silence you. Party memebers should follow the krauss techniques for killing loric. Once loric is dead, the Legion Assault Soldier will spawn in Lorics place. It has no effects. Its just hits hard.

Repeat until all 3 are dead. Vilander stuns and has a lot of range. Sedin heals himself and uses magic attacks. So you REALLY gotta open fire with all you can on Sedin.

Going to Malik Edit

This path leads to Cruel Moguns, Kurzacs, RX18, Bloodwheels of Ruin, Akbas of despair, Macanga, Ulmans of Despair and Hyperphysical, Aluria, and Malik.

See picture 15. Lure the cruel moguns into the middle and then kill em (The picture is after the Moguns are dead, you should be in the middle of the room with mobs on right and left of you.). If you attack them while they are off to either side, the kurzacs will come after you. When the moguns are all dead, you have 2 choices...

  1. Kill all the kurzacs.
  2. Skip the kurzacs, stay in the middle, and just kill the RX18 at the other end of the room in the picture.

After RX18 is a tunnel with the Bloodwheels and Akbas. Kill them however is best for you, they are fairly weak.

See picture 16. Standing on point X should make the bloodwheel in front of Macanga come after you. Then run across the room to the left. If done right, you should have the bloodwheels on you only so kill them. If you pulled Macanga, run back the way you entered to reset him. Macanga casts a sleep spell. Works the same as stun except when you get hit, you wake up. To counter this, ALL party members should attack at close range to each other AND Macanga. When it hits with an AoE attack, it will wake you up instantly.

See picture 17. Now you have Ulmans of Hyperphysical and Despair. Despair just hits hard. Hyperphysical hits hard and stuns. The 4 tunnels indicated are showing where Alurias are. You should kill off the 3 Ulmans of Despair in each of the tunnel entrances at least because more are in some of the tunnels.

See picture 18. Stand on the X point to see how many ulmans of hyperphysical are really there. There can be up to 4. Since they can stun you, its best to attack 2 at a time at the most. More at one time will increase the chance of killing you or the entire party.

See picture 19. From here, just stay in the middle to kill Malik. If you are worried with pulling the side mobs, run behind him to attack.

10 Minute Rush Edit

If you are higher leveled and are able to solo the dungeon easily, here is a quick way to rush to Malik quickly. From start to finish, depending on your attacking speed, you can kill Malik in 10 mins. Having AoEs is highly desired here.

  • From beginning, run past all mobs until you reach 1st set of gunners. Kill them.
  • Run straight to the next set of gunners. Kill them.
  • Kill all gunners in the large room that are hitting you.
  • Run toward Malik, through the next room, and run straight behind RX18 into the tunnel. Kill him.
  • Run straight through all the Bloodwheels and Akbas. Stop slightly in front of Macanga and kill mobs hitting you.
  • Run to Macanga and kill him and the Bloodwheels in front of him.
  • Run straight through the Ulmans. You can either kill them because they stun, or run directly behind Malik.
  • If the stunning could kill you, kill the Ulmans that you have to kill and the 2 patrolling the center of Malik's room.

LM HellEdit

This section is a work in progress. Information will be added as it comes in, if you have anything you would like to add, either edit this page/section or post it in the comments below!

Lost Mines Hell has the same map and mob locations as the other modes, however the mobs are slightly different and they all have different names even if the mob is basically the same.

Here's a list of mobs and differing names:

  • White Lion Guards = Shadow Butcher
  • White Lion Diabolist = Shadow Follower
  • White Lion Gunner = Shadow Sniper
  • Steuer RX18 = Forman Harvie
  • Macanga = Worm Keeper Macanga
  • Ulman of Hyperphysical = Malik's Servants
  • Malik = Lava Smasher Malik

There are also some new mobs in this dungeon:

  • Brainwashed Miners = Miners from Algon
  • Foreman = Maleyes from Algon
  • Soul Gathers = Forest Reapers from Karena
  • Worm Golem Knight
  • Golem Knight
  • Cave Bats
  • Huge Lava Worm = Gara from Karena (??? Unsure, only quick glimpse)
  • Malik's Maid = Tets from Termiz

List of Gold Crowns:

  • Soul Gatherer
  • Golem Knight
  • Foreman
  • Foreman Harvie
  • Huge Lava Worm
  • Worm Keeper Macanga
  • Lava Smasher Malik

Walkthrough of LM HellEdit

There's really no strategy to this other than pull 1-2 mobs at a time and only 1 Gold Crown (which is difficult) at a time. There are a lot of Gold Crowns spread all through here.

When you first enter and through the 1st tunner, the mobs are placed exactly the same as normal modes: Shadow Butchers, Shadow Followers, Shadow Snipers. The mobs are the same in the 1st room also, except there is a Soul Gatherer (Gold Crown) in the center of the doorway towards Malik.

Going Straight:

Mobs are placed the same, except they are Worn Golem Knights. If you go toward the Illusion Stone (changed to Living Steel Box), there is 1 Soul Gatherer protecting it.

Going forward, the room usually full of White Lion Berserkers, Priests, and Sharpshooters are now full of Worn Golem Knights and Golem Knights (Gold Crowns). FINISH LATER...

Going Left toward Malik:

This room is now lined with Brainwashed Miners with Forman (Gold Crowns) roaming the center. The boss in this room is Foreman Harvie in the same place as RX18.

The tunnel behind Foreman Harvie is full of Cave Bats and Huge Lava Worms (Gold Crowns?). FINISH LATER...

After killing Worm Killer Macanga, pull Malik's Servants and Maids out 1 at a time until this area is cleared. Then you should go up the side halls clearing the Servants as you come to them. 

Where the Alurias are normally at then ends of these halls are now Molten Boxes.

Now to pull Malik, send your person with the highest HP and defenses to pull Malik back to the tunnel. Best idea is to pull Malik back into one of the tunnels leading to the Molten Boxes. This way when he does his DoT he is contained and the other members can run out into the main passage to safety. Start killing, when he gets to 50% HP he will begin his DoT, only one party member (the one that pulled him) should remain in the tunnel with Malik. The rest should return to the main passage. Continue to do this each time he casts, you can tell it is coming by the actions he does a lean-back thing right before.

The above is not absolutely necessary, it just ensures people won't be killed by his DoT. If your party is well geared and healers are able to keep everyone alive, try to continue without running to safety.

Treasure Boxes:Edit

LMHell Map
This mode has 5 treasure boxes which require keys to open them. The map to the right shows who drops which key.

Bosses Drop:

  • Masterpiece of Dead Soul = Key A
  • Golem Maker Dead Soul = Key B
  • Foreman Harvie = Key C
  • Worm Keeper Macanga = Key D
  • Lava Smasher Malik = Key E

Drops Edit

Materials (all modes): Heavy Scale, Amber, Paladium, Pina Cloth, Caelium Normal

  • Normal Mobs: Materials, Level 40 Equips, Pellurite C, Rubicine C
  • Malik: Same as normal mobs, Level 40 Superior Equips


  • Normal Mobs: Materials, Level 40 Equips, Pellurite CRubicine C
  • Malik: Same as normal mobs, Level 40 Superior Equips, Level 50 Abyss Equips


  • Normal Mobs: Materials, Level 48 Equips, Pellurite CRubicine C
  • Gold Crowns: Same as normal mobs, Level 50 Abyss Equips
  • Malik: Same as normal mobs, Level 48 Superior Equips, Level 50 Abyss Equips, Level 42 Unique DIYs


  • Normal Mobs: Lava Ingot, Lava Ruby, Giant Lava Diamond, Lava Diamond, Hard Crystal Skin, Stygia Roll, Bloodsphere Ingot, Caelium, Concentrated Mana Potions [Event], Concentrated Health Potion [Event], Pellurite A, Rubicine A
  • Gold Crowns: Same as normal mobs
    • Masterpiece of Dead Soul:
      • Key of Living Steel
      • Recipe: Living Steel Ring [Effective]
      • Recipe: Living Steel Ring [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Living Steel Bracelet [Effective]
      • Recipe: Living Steel Bracelet [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Living Steel Earrings [Effective] 
      • Recipe: Living Steel Earrings [Perfect] 
      • Recipe: Living Steel Necklace  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Living Steel Necklace  [Perfect]
    • Golem Maker Dead Soul:
      • Recipe: Hellfire Ring [Effective]
      • Recipe: Hellfire Ring [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Hellfire Bracelet  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Hellfire Bracelet  [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Hellfire Earrings  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Hellfire Earrings  [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Hellfire Necklace  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Hellfire Necklace  [Perfect]
    • Foreman Harvie:
      • Recipe: Forman's Emergency Ring [Effective]
      • Recipe: Forman's Emergency Ring [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Forman's Emergency Bracelet  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Forman's Emergency Bracelet  [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Forman's Emergency Earrings  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Forman's Emergency Earrings  [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Forman's Emergency Necklace  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Forman's Emergency Necklace  [Perfect]
    • Worm Keeper Macanga:
      • Recipe: Molten Ring [Effective]
      • Recipe: Molten Ring [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Molten Bracelet  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Molten Bracelet  [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Molten Earrings  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Molten Earrings  [Perfect]
      • Recipe: Molten Necklace  [Effective]
      • Recipe: Molten Necklace  [Perfect]
    • Malik: Malik's Treasure Key
  • 5 Treasure Boxes:

Abyss SetEdit

Pieces of this set may be dropped in Hard and Elite modes. The drop rate is fairly low as with other equipment sets.

If you have information you would like to contribute, add to this or post it below!

  • Abyss Glove (Hard Mode) - Krauss, Lorik, Sedin, Vilander
  • Abyss Boots (Hard Mode) - Steuer RX18, Macanga, Malik
  • Abyss Helmet (Elite Mode) - Krauss, Lorik, Sedin, Vilander
  • Abyss Body Armor (Elite Mode) - Steuer RX18, Macanga, Malik
  • Abyss Shield (Elite Mode) - Malik
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