Tabazra Desert is a desert with an Oasis and an Exploration Outpost where most of the NPCs are located.

This map has a Temple and therefore is also a pker hot spot.

This map contains level 30-40 quests and mobs.

To the southeast, you can go to Rhawn Crossroads. To the west or northwest, you can go to Mt. Hessian. To the south is Lost Mines.

King Kobra and Scorpion Master the field bosses spawn randomly around Tabazra. Be sure to check both channels to find them!

The Tabazra Fishery is located at the Dimita Oasis! If you are looking for an Aika hobby that may bring great rewards, be sure to check out Fishing!


These "Non-Playing Characters" give quests, are merchants, or otherwise interact with players.

NPC Quests
Billy Amore
Candace Shagwell
Captain 'Coco' Cobachas
Captain Damien
Charlene Katz
Dyna Cauffiel
Guard Landau
Jasmyne Amore
Jimmy Joe Birmingham
Kanon Woodbe
Marlo Biggins
Maxwell Branco
Monkey C. Lupis III
Raul Ibanez
Ray Murray
Reed Porter

Quest ObjectsEdit

These are objects used during quests. Objects are typically only used once for one quest.

Quest Objects
Desert Mushroom Red Lion Custody Box
Fallen Zunie Punkie Red Lion Flag
Karacoros Sanja Egg
Linkie Punkie Box Signpost
Loracia Spanky's Box
Old Desert Bone Grave Tabazra Monolith


These are creatures killed for experience, quests, or items.

All Mobs randomly drop:

Mobs Essence Cloth Leather Minerals
Brave Sanja Air Essence Silver
Cactae Fire Essence
Desert Bana
Gibson Kobra Fire Essence Silver
Gilar Spiked Skin
Killer Bana Fire Essence Silver
Linkie Guard Water Essence Silver
Linkie Macemaster Water Essence Silver
Linkie Scout Water Essence Silver
Lita Spiked Skin
Nuxie Guard Water Essence Silver
Nuxie Lord Cotton Fiber
Nuxie Soldier Water Essence Silver
Rough Cactae Fire Essence
Sahara Kobra Fire Essence Spiked Skin Silver
Sanja Gust Air Essence Silver
Sanja Scout Air Essence Silver
Sanja Spark Air Essence Silver
Sanja Whirlwind Air Essence Silver
Tar Cactae Fire Essence
Thar Kobra Fire Essence
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