Stygia Thread
Rarity Common
Value 771 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Thread crafted from Stygia Fiber at the Anvil. Must have 1x Stygia Fiber and 10 gold per piece.

"Thread made of Stygia Fiber."

Obtained FromEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Ruister Cap
  • Ruister Suit
  • Ruister Gloves
  • Ruister Boots
  • Erika Tiara
  • Erika Suit
  • Erika Gloves
  • Erika Shoes
  • Mater Hat
  • Mater Robe
  • Mater Gloves
  • Mater Boots
  • Cateria Tiara
  • Cateria Dress
  • Cateria Gloves
  • Cateria Shoes
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