After your Level 50 Promotion, you will be able to allocate your stats. You will have 10 after the promotion + 2 per level after your promotion and then after level 71 you will earn + 4 stat points per level. These stats increase things such as attack damage, hit rate, dodge rate, abnormal status resist, etc.

If you wish to reset your stats, you must purchase a Rebirth from the Cash Shop.

To view your stats, click on the "Character Info" button in the bottom UI bar or press the C key.


Below are the stats you may allocate points in.

Strength (STR)Edit

This is a primary attribute for Warriors' and Paladins' attacking damage. 

  • Increases Physical Attack: 1 point = 2.62 P.Att
  • Increases Double-Attack rate: 1 point = 0.05~ Double Att Rate
    • Diminishing return on Double Att Rate.
  • Increases Critical Damage: 1 point = 0.3334% Crit Dmg
  • Increases Physical Defense Piercing: 1 point = 0.03% P.Def Pierce

Dexterity (DEX)Edit

This is a primary attribute for Dual Gunners' and Riflemen's attacking damage.

  • Increases ranged Physical Attack: 1 point = 2.62 P.Att
  • Increase Critcal Rate: 1 points = 0.05~ Crit Rate (or 0.1~ for DG and RM)
    • Diminishing return on Crit Rate.
  • Increases Hit Rate: 1 point = 0.1 Hit Rate
  • Increase Dodge Rate: 1 point = 0.05 Dodge

Intelligence (INT)Edit

This is a primary attribute for Warlocks' and Clerics' attacking damage.

  • Increases Magic Attack: 1 point = 3.28 M.Att
  • Increase Heal Rate: 1 point = 6.9 Heal Rate
  • Reduces Cooldown Time: 1 point = 0.04% CD reduction
    • 0.075% if INT is from equipment, blue stats, or enchantments.
  • Increases Magical Defense Piercing: 1 point = 0.03 M.Def Pierce

Constitution (CON)Edit

This is a primary attribute for Warriors, Paladins, and Clerics.

  • Increases Maximum HP: 1 point = 27.5 HP
  • Increases HP Recovery: 1 point = 3 HP Recovery
  • Increases Critical Resistance: 1 point = 0.1 Crit Resist
  • Increases Perfect Critical Resistance: 1 point = 0.04 P.Crit Resist

Spirit (SPI)Edit

This is a main attribute for Warlocks and, potentially, Clerics. This also affects Warlocks' attacking damage.

  • Increases Maximum MP: 1 point = 27.5 MP
  • Increases MP Recovery: 1 point = 3 MP Recovery
  • Increases Abnormal Status Resistance: 1 point = 0.1 ASR
  • Increases Skill Attack Max: 1 point = 5.24 SAM

Stat Information ExplainedEdit

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When attacking, damage is shown above the target in different colors:

  • Normal Attack: Yellow = P.Att or M.Att value
  • Double Hit : Light Blue = x2 Normal Attack (Works only for physical non-skill attack)
  • Crit: Dark Blue = x1.5 Normal Attack on low lvl (U can increase the damage multiplier by using crit damage increase and adding strength, works on both physical/magic attacks and skills)
  • Perfect Crit: Dark Blue = Combined Crit and Double (x3 Crit Damage at least, works only on physical non-skill attack)

Physical AEdit

  • P.Att is the amount of regular (non-critical) damage that you may inflict while using a p.att skill. P.Att from STR applies to Warriors and Paladins; DEX applies to Dual Gunners and Riflemen.

Magical AttackEdit

  • M.Att is the amount of regular (non-critical) damage that you may inflict while using a m.att skill. This applies to Clerics and Warlocks.

Double AttackEdit

  • Double Attack is when a skill's damage is inflicted twice. This is a random occurance signified by the word "Double". You may increase this likelihood by increasing STR.

Critical DamageEdit

  • Critical Damage is x1.5 damage of the base stat. The word "Critical" will appear when Crit damage has been inflicted. Increasing STR increases the amount of Crit damage possible.

Critical RateEdit

  • The is the rate in which you may inflict Critical Damage. The higher the value, the higher the chance for Crit Damage. This can not be a negative value.

Hit RateEdit

  • This is the rate in which your attacks will hit the target, the "accuracy" rate. The higher this value, the less often you will "miss" a target.

Dodge RateEdit

  • This is the rate in which attacks miss you, the "evasion" rate. Higher levels of dodge make it difficult for enemies to hit your character. That means that your character will evade a damage dealing skill; not to be confused with ASR which increases evasion of abnormal statuses such as stun and fear.

Heal RateEdit

  • Heal Rate applies to Clerics & Paladins only. This value increases the amount of your healing skills will heal the target for. Heal Rate is also dependent on your M.Att values.

MP/HP RecoveryEdit

  • MP and HP Recovery is the amount your MP and HP will be recovered automatically over time.

Critical & Double Attack ResistanceEdit

  • Critical resistance is your ability to evade Critical Damage. The higher the Crit Resist, the less likely you will be attacked with Crit Damage; however, this depends on the attackers Crit Rate as well.
  • Double Attack Resist is the same as Crit Resist except for Double Attacks. This is your ability to evade a Double Att and is determined by your Double Att Resist and your attackers Double Att Rate.

Abnormal Status ResistanceEdit

  • Abnormal Status is any condition (typically called a debuff) that may be inflicted on you. A few examples of abnormal statuses are stun, petrify, sleep, root, and slow. The higher your ASR, the more likely you will be able to avoid a skill that causes an abnormal status.
  • This causes you to avoid the status effect, and any addition damage inflicted with the skill. For example, Warrior's Charge stuns + causes physical damage. If you resist this status effect, you will not be stunned, and will not receive the damage.

Skill Attack MaxEdit

  • SAM and Att are not the same. SAM is the maximum amount of damage a skill may inflict, while M.Att or P.Att is the base attack value. Every attack you perform inflicts damage that is randomly generated from a range; therefore, there must be an absolute lowest amount of damage and an absolute highest amount. SAM represents your absolute highest amount of damage possible. This does not mean that you will always hit that maximum, it just means the range is higher and higher damage is likely to occur.
  • Your base damage depends on your P.Att for normal attacks. M.Att cannot do normal attacks since magic is ALWAYS casted/skill related. SAM Adds the base damage that your skill damage has. Example : A warlock used fireball with 100 damage. This warlock has 750 Matk. And 1000 SAM. The total damage will be the M.atk+Skill Damage+SAM  = ranging between 850 (Minimum Skill Attack) to 1850 (Max Skill Attack). This is your base damage, if it crits then u'll mutiply this to the critical damage % multiplier.


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