Riflemen are a long-range damage dealing class. They have several strong single target attacks as well as the ability to attack from an invisible mode.


  • Stealth abilities


  • Requires constant ammo supply

Primary Attributes:

  • Crit Rate, Hit Rate, & Dodge Rate

Starting InfoEdit

When you first begin, you start out with the following stats:
Bolded Stats indicate Primary and Secondary Attributes.

  • Strength: 8
  • Dexterity: 16
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Constitution: 12
  • Spirit: 5

Prior to the promotion to Sniper, you will not be able to adjust these. You can however buy equipment and soups or potions that give you increased stats.

After the Sniper promotion, you will receive 10 Stat points + an additional 2 for every level past 50. These must be allocated manually under the "Character Info" screen.


Each class has a preference for a particular Pran due to the passive and active skills they give to their master. For riflemen, the Fire and Air pran is most desirable. Depending on your playing style or the level of your character, these 2 give the best benefits for your class.

Fire Pran:

  • Increase Attack stats, Increases Damage, Increase Max HP, and Critical rates

Air Pran:

  • Increases Dodge rates, Increase Max HP/MP and HP/MP recovery rates, and reduced MP costs for skills.


Each class also gets their very own type of Mount. The rifleman's mount is called an Aldebaran V2, which is a type of hyper-bike.You can also buy a Velostrom from the Cash Shop.

One free mount comes from a quest at level 40 in Cirrugor from Sir Ruffington. Any other mount must be purchased. These mounts can be enchanted the same as other equipment to add enhancements to the rifleman's stats via the same NPC in Cirrugor. The number of enchantments available depends on which mount you possess, the quest one only has 1 slot, but there is a maximum of 3 enchantments for Cash Shop mounts.


The rifleman wears leather Armor and uses a Rifle for a weapon. As you level, more equipment options become available to you, but these two things do not change.

There are three types of equipment:

  • Normal
  • Unique
  • Superior

Unique equipment usually comes in sets that give bonus stat improvements if you possess 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the set pieces. These are generally the most desired because you get enhancements from the 1 piece of equipment as well as another from having multiple pieces.

Superior equipment is the next best. This equipment has the improved basic stats of the Normal counterpart, as well as an additional bonus. But these do not have a set bonus.

Normal equipment is the least desired and generally shouldn't be reinforced or enchanted because you will be improving an inferior quality item. They have lessened stats and no bonus effects. If this is all you can get, use it until you are able to obtain a Superior or Unique item.

In order of worst/cheapest to best/expensive sets for level 50 - 55:

  • Abyss Set
  • Silent Mana Set
  • Rifleman's Strife
  • Gray Hawk Set
  • Black Ghost Set

Skills Edit


General NotesEdit

  • Always have your Pran in fairy form. Nothing screams noob more than a Pran following her invisible master.
  • Stealth and Predator are the most striking features of a rifleman and can save you in almost any situation.
  • This class excels at picking off single targets. So in raid or dungeon scenarios, you would be killing the outliers where as other classes would be handling the bulk of the enemies.
  • Because of the ability to hide, this would be the class you would see hidden on the hills waiting to snipe targets out of range of AoEs from the enemy. But make sure you cast Predator when you are out of sight of others or else you could be AoE'ed before you get a chance to set up a shot.
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