Red Circles = Quest related items

Rhawn Crossroads is the home of the Rift which is where you can travel to other nations. It is the centerpiece of the map and impossible to miss.

To travel to a different nation, click on the glowing Rift located in the direct center of the map.

This map does not have mobs to grind on and only a few NPCs that give quests in other maps. This is the entrance map for non-allied players so this is a major place for pkers.

Movlud's teleporter from the "Another Dimension" quest is located in the northern red circle. The southern red circle is the Bone Grave of Tigers needed for the "Commander's Favor" quest.

To the northwest is Tabazra Desert, Amarkand is located to the southeast, and Ashwood is to the southeast.

NPCs & MobsEdit

These "Non-Playing Characters" give quests, are merchants, or otherwise interact with players.

There is only one mob in this map, it is not the typical map in Aika.

NPC & Mobs Significance
Alexey Pekler
Bone Grave of Tigers
Dimension Teleport
Guard Ruslan
Kevin Foyle
Rhawn Guard
The Rift
The Rift
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