Reinforcing equipment can greatly influence your battle performance! It boosts the Physical and Magical Attack of the weapon or the Physical and Magical Defense of the armors.

Reinforced equipment will have a +# next to their name indicating the level to which it has been reinforced to. Armor can also gain orange HP/MP and damage reduction statistics to equipment with +4 or higher, weapons do not gain these.

A distinct glow is also added to reinforced weapons. But be careful, reinforcement can destroy or reduce the reinforcement value of your equipment and can be costly for the Extracts.

Reinforments may be done in Regenshein next to the Anvil, in Traband, Karena, and Disceroa.

How To ReinforceEdit

You must have the equipment in your inventory and possess Rubicine of the same rank or higher as your armor. If you are reinforcing a weapon, you must have Pellurite of the equivalent rank.

Rubicine and Pellurite [F] can be purchased in any merchant's shop. Higher ranked must be obtained from monster drops, purchased from players, or purchased from the Cash Shop.

Reinf Screen

While the reinforcement screen is open, you will not be able to equip/unequip items so you must have previously placed them in your inventory. You can, however, move things from the mail to your inventory.

First, drag the item to the 1st slot in the top 3 boxes. Next, drag your Rubicine/Pellurite to the 2nd slot. The 3rd slot is for Rubicine/Pellurite Extracts or Enriched Rubicine Extracts if you have them, but they are not required.

The bottom window shows what your equipment's stats will be after it is created.

Reinforcing equipment costs a certain amount of gold depending on the quality of the item begin upgraded as seen at the top.

Reinforcement GlowsEdit

Reinforced weapons have a distinct glow that indicate thier reinforcement level. Armor does not have this feature, it glows to indicate a set piece.

  • GearColors
    +4-6: Faint to Bright Blue
  • +7-8: Faint to Bright Yellow
  • +9: Red
  • +10: Pink
  • +11: Purple-Blue

Reinforcing FailureEdit

There is a chance of failure when reinforcing equipment. This can be prevented by using Extracts. There are a few levels you can upgrade safely without using Extracts. After those levels, there is a possibility of the reinforcement being a failure resulting in no change to the stats, lowering of the reinforcement level, or complete destruction of the item.

Equip Stats
These safe levels are as follows:
  • Normal Equipment: 5 reinforcement levels (+5)
  • Unique/Honor Equipment: 3 reinforcement levels (+3)
  • Superior Equipment: 4 reinforcement levels (+4)

The item will specify which classification it is in the stats. The number next to the name indicates which reinforcement level the equipment is and at the bottom it will tell you if you can or can not upgrade it further.

As with Rubicine and Pellurite, you may use extracts higher than the rank of your equipment. But higher ranked extracts generally cost more so this is a more costly option.

A general rule of thumb to reinforcing is:

  • Levels up to safe level: Just Rubicine or Pellurite
  • Levels from safe level through 2 more +s: Use Rubicine/Pellurite Extracts (prevent destruction)
  • Safe Level+2 and up: Use Enriched Rubicine/Pellurite Extracts (prevent lowering + value and destruction)
    • ​For Example: If safe to +3, use Rub/Pell until +3. Then, Extracts until +5. Then, Enriched.
Rubicine Raa Ra Rb Rc De Re Rf
Pellurite Paa Pa Pb Pc Pd Pe Pf
Rubicine Extract Rxaa Rxa Rxb Rxc Rxd Rxe Rxf
Pellurite Extract Pxaa Pxa Pxb Pxc Pxd Pxe Pxf
Enriched Rub Extract Erxaa Erxa Erxb Erxc Erxd Erxe Erxf
Enriched Pell Extract Epxaa Epxa Epxb Epxc Epxd Epxe Epxf
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