Ranking Dungeon is a "dungeon" although it is not on the traditional map. This dungeon is highly desirable because it takes a score and puts you onto a leaderboard. The teams with the highest score at the end of the week will recieve prizes during maintenance.



Ranking Dungeon Entering Ticket is available from the Talent Shop at Ronnir in Regenshein.


To enter Ranking Dungeon, all party members must possess the Ranking Dungeon Entering Ticket and the party leader will speak to Theletar Zarethan in Regenshein. He is standing to the right of Lilola Hawn.

Inside Ranking DungeonEdit

Upon entering the dungeon a large number of corrupt monsters will start spawning. Kill the monsters for points, simply the more you kill the more points you get. Boss monsters will also appear in the centre.

There is 4 rounds with different time limits. On reaching the end of the round the monsters will disappear and start spawning again at the start of the next round. Once the fourth round has ended the dungeon will close and participants will return to their save points.

Stages of Ranking Dungeon:Edit

Round 1 - 110 Seconds

Round 2 - 130 Seconds

Round 3 - 150 Seconds

Round 4 - 180 Seconds



Scores are recorded on the database on the main Aika site. (AG Plaza > Dungeon Rankings). For parties the party score counts for all 3 members. The top 3 get prizes.

1st-3rd placers will receive the 7-day Ranker's Potions which provide buffs that increase HP, MP, damage against enemy nation players, and reduces damage against enemy nation players (does not stack with LMA buffs). Aside from those, 1st placers will receive powerful 7-day accessory sets. (See pictures below for more details!)

Ranker20buffs Ranker20accessories