Fairy and child Prans will always have a Cute personality. Teenage and adult Prans can have different personalities based on the answers you give them when you talk to them.

These personalities are:

  • Cute
  • Smart
  • Sexy (Mature)
  • Tough
  • Mean (Fallen)
  • Hyper

Personality is based on calculations in the system. Each answer you give the Pran while talking adds points to specific personality columns. After you add 255 points to a particular personality column, the Pran's personality will change and all other personality columns will lose 30% of their points. Food purchased from the Cash Shop will add personality points.

Cash Shop Foods cost 100 gPots for 50:

  • Mudstork Roast = Tough
  • Cherry Parfait = Sexy
  • Caviar Salad = Smart
  • Disgusting Fish Roast = Mean
  • Sweet Potato Soup = Cute
  • Shrimp Roast = Hyper

These personalities effect the way you can interact them in the new interaction UI as well as reflect in their postures, actions, and their attitudes. As you can see in the image above, each Pran stands a different way according to their personality. When they become adults, their personality is also shown by their wing coloring.

Adult Pran's Wing Colors:

  • Hyper: White
  • Sexy: Pink, Orange, White
  • Tough: Blue, Yellow, Red
  • Smart: Blue, Yellow, Purple
  • Cute: Yellow, White, Black 
  • Mean: Brown and Gold

There is no way to initiate talk with your Pran, but they will frequently wish to talk to you. If you ignore your Pran's requests, she will lose devotion points.

For a list of communications and their possible effects on the Pran, please visit this page: AikaChat. Special Thanks to aet0811 / AEkt from gPotato Aika forums for the table.

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