You must feed your Pran or else she will leave you and return to the Pran Station! If you do not have your Pran equiped, you will not receive her stat boosts and will not be able to accept new quests.

When you feed your Pran, they will dance! If it is a Child Pran equiped with a doll, the doll will dance as well.

The most cost efficient Pran food to buy from merchants is Sweet Pumpkin Pie which is available at any Pran merchant. Pie has the best fullness increase to cost ratio of all the NPC options. You can also purchase food items for the Cash Shop which will increase fullness to 100% as well as add points towards a desired personality.


When your Pran wishes to speak with you, a message will appear on your screen and a chat bubble will appear above her head. A small button with "..." will appear on the top of her HP/MP bar. You can click this to interact with her. Your Pran will stack a total of 5 interactions, so you may have to talk to your Pran several times in a row before the button goes away.

There is no way to initiate talk with your Pran, but they will frequently wish to talk to you. If you ignore your Pran's requests, she will lose devotion points.

For a list of communications and their possible effects on the Pran's personality, please visit this page: AikaChatSpecial Thanks to aet0811 / AEkt from gPotato Aika forums for the table.

Interaction UIEdit

When your Pran needs attention, a message will appear that says "Your Pran needs you!" If you click on the button to talk to your Pran, a User Interaction screen will appear with a heart bar at the top and 3 options on the left and right of your Pran.


To interact, you will use the option that corresponds with your Pran's personality until the far left heart fills. Click the option and then click the Pran or the area around Pran. This heart will fill 1/2 of a heart on the bar.

  • Cute: "Stroke Pran's Hair"
    • Click the button and then click Pran's Head
  • Hyper: "Pull Pran's Ear"
    • Click the button and then grab Pran's ear and pull outward
  • Sexy: "Spray (perfume) to Pran"
    • Click the button and then click around Pran
  • Mean: "Knock Pran's Head"
    • Click the button and hold the mouse button down while dragging hammer down on Pran's head
  • Smart: "Observe Butterfly"
    • Click the button and click around the screen to make your Pran catch the butterfly
  • Tough: "Practice Boxing"
    • Click the button and then click around your Pran's body to initate boxing

After you fill all 5 hearts in the top bar, your Pran will give you a present!

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