Talking to your Pran and feeding them increases devotion. High devotion will increase success rates of using Pran skills and ensure the skill is not less effective when your Pran has cast it.

If devotion is low, the Pran may refuse to cast a Pran skill for you. Devotion may be lowered by not feeding your pran, ignoring them when they wish to talk, or giving them the undesired answers to their questions. If your Pran's food level reaches 0%, they will leave you and return to the Pran Station in Regenshein.

Your Pran will also lose devotion if you kill members of your Nation or your Nation's allies while she is equipped.

Devotion of a Pran is limited to the character the Pran is equipped on. If you unequip the Pran and move it to another character, the devotion will be at the level it was the last time it was equiped on that character. Similar to the way you like and dislike people, the Pran will like and dislike your characters based on the way you have interacted with them with that character.

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