Pran food and potions can be given to your Pran to restore their fullness and HP or MP. Cash Shop consumables will add desired characteristics to your Pran's personality.

These can be purchased in Regenshein, The Great Hessian Tree, Cirrugor, and Epheso.

This page contains a list of all consumable items for your Pran.

Food Item Description Cost Effects
Apple Fresh red apple. 107 + Fullness
Sweet Pumpkin Pie Warm pie made from a pumpkin grown at Overvold Farm. 160 + Fullness
Boar Lasagna Tasty boar lasagna baked perfectly. 321 + Fullness
Mushroom Saute Mushrooms cooked on a grill with butter and salt. 321 + Fullness
Caelium Chip Cookies Contains over 30% real caelium! 428 + Fullness
Nerin Angimo Upscale dish cooked with nerine liver. 642 + Fullness
Banana Shake White banana shake made with 100% banana. 100g + Fullness
Sweet Potato Soup Soup made with Verband potatos. 100g +Cute trait
Cherry Parfait Parfait made with Verband red cherry. 100g +Sexy trait
Caviar Salad Increases intelligence and restores food meter to 100%. 100g +Smart trait
Shrimp Roast Special shrimp roast with only healthy shrimps used as the ingredient. 100g +Hyper trait
Stork Mudroast Builds Prans character and restores food meter to 100% 100g +Tough trait
Disgusting Fish Roast Possibly the meanest way to restore your Pran's food meter to 100%. 100g +Mean trait
Prantacid Cuts Prans food meter in half. 100g - Fullness
Pran Health Potion Pran HP potion with a strawberry scent added in a cute bottle. 52 +HP
Pran Mana Potion Pran MP potion with a soda scent added in a cute bottle. 21 +MP