Pheltas is an experience "dungeon" although it is not the traditional map. This dungeon is highly desirable because it yields high experience, decent rewards, and Medal of Courage.



  • Level Requirements: 1, Cannot be a gap of 31 levels between members
  • Party Members Required: 6 players/1 Party
  • Key/Crystal Needed: Holy Dice
  • Time Limit:
  • Daily Limits: None

Holy Dice are given to raid participants while capping Relics during Relic Wars and from Traband Tower Wars.


To enter Pheltas, all party members must possess the Holy Dice and the party leader will speak to Theletar Zarethan (shown above) in Cirrugor. He is standing to the right of the Skill Masters, directly in front of the Town Teleport.

This NPC gives 2 daily quests that rewards Medals of Courage which can be used for Battlefield Dailies.

Inside Pheltas DungeonEdit

Dice pole

There are 26 stages total although you do not go through all 26 of them each time. There is a pillar with 5 lights located in the center of the room (picture on right) and this determines which stages you will complete. There is also the chance for -1 (all lights are purple), which would be going back one stage.

For example, if there are 3 blue lights on the pillar, you will advance to the 3rd stage. If there are 4 blue lights next, you will advance on to the 7th stage. If the lights are green, this indicates a rest period.

During each stage, your party will be required to kill all the mobs, bosses, or bonus items (bunnies/boxes) shown for that stage below. After completing the stage, dice can be rolled again.

Stages of Pheltas:Edit

Stage Mobs Stage Mobs
1 1 Sword, 1 Aluvia, 2 PD Spirits 14 Boxes (Drops)
2 Ice Titans 15 Zelnera Priest, 2 Zelnera Wizard
3 Verits 16 Bunnies (Experience)
4 Bunnies (Experience) 17 Gorr, 3 Elyso
5 Mutant Cannibal Plants 18 4 Aluvia
6 Angler, 3 Healing Elyseo 19 Mutant Cannibal Plants
7 Warkeni 20 Rhea, 3 Cerebus
8 Queen Azu 21 2 Swords, 2 PD Spirits
9 Ennvictus 22 Boxes (Drops)
10 Boxes (Drops) 23 Queen Azu
11 Verits??? 24 Warkeni
12 Bunnies (Experience) 25 Ennvictus
13 Ice Titans 26 Exit

Boxes Drop ListEdit

Random common drops:

  • Mimic Chest
    • Return Scroll: Epheso
    • Return Scroll: Antalya
    • Aegis Health Potion
    • Aegis Mana Potion
    • Potion of STR up (+50 STR for 1 hour)
    • Potion of INT up (+50 INT for 1 hour)
    • Potion of DEX up (+50 DEX for 1 hour)
    • Protection Potion (+20 ASR for 1 hour)
    • Package Box
      • Mysterious X
      • Super Magical Treasure Chest
        • Gold Coins (Right-click for gold: 9.5k, 95k, 950k, 9.5mil)
        • Lottery Box
  • High Rank Health Potion [Event]
  • High Rank Mana Potion [Event]
  • Root of Evil (Used for Daily Quest)
  • Agate 
  • Aquamarine
  • Amber
  • Sand Pearl
  • Jewel Dust
  • Diamond

Bolded items are used for making a level 50 Pran Evolution Stone.

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