Perfect Spirit Cell
Rarity Common
Value 0 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Item obtained in Marauder Hold in Hell mode from Gymenes Alpha.

"Cell of completely condensed spirit. It can disappear easily, be careful about storing it."

Obtained FromEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Sword of Warrior's Strife
  • Helmet of Warrior's Strife
  • Armor of Warrior's Strife
  • Gauntlet of Warrior's Strife
  • Boots of Warrior's Strife
  • Blade of Paladin's Strife
  • Helmet of Paladin's Strife
  • Armor of Paladin's Strife
  • Gauntlet of Paladin's Strife
  • Boots of Paladin's Strife
  • Shield of Paladin's Strife
  • Rifle of Rifleman's Strife
  • Cap of Rifleman's Strife
  • Suit of Rifleman's Strife
  • Glove of Rifleman's Strife
  • Boots of Rifleman's Strife
  • Pistol of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Tiara of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Suit of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Glove of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Shoes of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Staff of Warlock's Strife
  • Hat of Warlock's Strife
  • Robe of Warlock's Strife
  • Glove of Warlock's Strife
  • Boots of Warlock's Strife
  • Wand of Cleric's Strife
  • Cloche of Cleric's Strife
  • Dress of Cleric's Strife
  • Glove of Cleric's Strife
  • Shoes of Cleric's Strife
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