Cannon escort

After successfully defending the Cannon during Cannon Defense, players have 40 minutes to escort the Cannon to Verus Castle and defeat the bosses inside!

This does not happen immediately after Cannon Defense. The scheduling is determined by a bar located under the assault gauge. See below for details.

Castle Siege takes place on the road to Verus Castle. There are 3 stages: Escorting the Cannon, Breaching the Gates, and Defeating the Bosses inside the Castle.


There is a small bar located under the Assault Gauge that will indicate when it is time for the Verus Castle Siege. Once this bar reaches 100%, the Castle Siege will be scheduled. You can scroll over the bar to see exactly how long until the event begins.

The assaults take place at 7pm on Saturdays and 8pm on other days. If the bar is filled between Midnight and 7pm, siege will begin that day. If the bar is filled between 7pm and Midnight, siege will begin the next day.

This assault begins on the main road outside of Antalya where the black arrow on the map above begins. The cannon will begin moving until it is attacked.


There are 3 quests that can be completed during Castle Siege:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
78 [Reclaim] Exterminate Advance Party Duskwing Kill Neferty, Arabella, Ajort, and Mazuda
78 [Reclaim] Exterminate Field Army Duskwing Kill Iquitos and Lenya.
78 [Reclaim] Exterminate Door of Dimension Duskwing Kill the Door of Dimension

3 Stages of Castle SiegeEdit

Castle Siege is broken down into the following 3 stages.

Escorting the CannonEdit

Cannon Repair
Monsters will begin attacking the Cannon in 3 waves. Each wave contains a few rounds of monsters that are determined to destroy the cannon. If the Cannon is attacked, it will not be able to move. All monsters from this wave must be killed in order to move on to the next wave.

If the Cannon is destroyed during these 3 stages, it will repair itself and the siege continues. It will continue to repair itself each time it is destroyed until time runs out.

Breaching the GatesEdit

When the Cannon reaches the Castle, it will shoot a beam of light on the symbol on the wall. Once the symbol is destroyed, the walls will break, and the Castle can be entered.

Defeating the BossesEdit

Inside the Castle is a large room. There are a total of 8 bosses inside that must be defeated to complete Castle Siege.

First, your group must clear the mobs located around the Key of Emancipation before the bosses can be summoned. Once the mobs are killed, click the Key to summon the 1st boss. The bosses will only emerge 1 at a time, but after a certain interval, another will appear regardless of if the prior one is dead or not. There will be a bar that indicates the time before the next boss appears.

  • Field Attack: Magic is casted on the field that deals damage to players. This magic gets stronger over time.
  • Monster summon: Monsters appear from the sky and deal damage and debuffs as they hit the ground.
  • Door of Dimension: The door appears and if it is not destroyed in a certain time frame, monsters will begin emerging through it.

Rewards may be obtained by destroying the door, but rewards are not given by killing the monsters that come through the door.


If the Castle Siege is completed in 40 minutes, the Spiral Road dungeon will be available to players for the following week. If the Siege is not successful, Spiral Road will not be available until there is a successful Castle Siege completed.

When monsters are killed, players gain experience and GoldCoin of Elixer. When Stage 4 bosses are defeated, GoldCoin of Elixer and a box with magical crystals is randomly given to players. GoldCoin of Elixer can be used to purchase unique accessories from NPC Limeron located in Antal-ya.

Verus Treasure Boxes are dropped on the ground at the end of every monster wave containing random items. You must click to collect them.

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