N-000 Nemesis Virus
Rarity Common
Value 2 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Item obtained in Marauder Hold in Hell mode.

"Virus injected to N-000 Nemesis. When infected, the target becomes larger and loses consciousness, then turns violent."

Obtained FromEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Sword of Warrior's Strife
  • Helmet of Warrior's Strife
  • Armor of Warrior's Strife
  • Gauntlet of Warrior's Strife
  • Boots of Warrior's Strife
  • Blade of Paladin's Strife
  • Helmet of Paladin's Strife
  • Armor of Paladin's Strife
  • Gauntlet of Paladin's Strife
  • Boots of Paladin's Strife
  • Shield of Paladin's Strife
  • Rifle of Rifleman's Strife
  • Cap of Rifleman's Strife
  • Suit of Rifleman's Strife
  • Glove of Rifleman's Strife
  • Boots of Rifleman's Strife
  • Pistol of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Tiara of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Suit of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Glove of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Shoes of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Staff of Warlock's Strife
  • Hat of Warlock's Strife
  • Robe of Warlock's Strife
  • Glove of Warlock's Strife
  • Boots of Warlock's Strife
  • Wand of Cleric's Strife
  • Cloche of Cleric's Strife
  • Dress of Cleric's Strife
  • Glove of Cleric's Strife
  • Shoes of Cleric's Strife
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