Mt Ab

Mt. Aboel is located on the continent of Traband in the southwestern area. Therefore, there all players from all nations in this map, including enemies.

This map contains 1 dungeons, Lycan's Cave, which is prized for its rare and expensive drops including the Truthseeker set DIYs. Getting to this map by walking can be difficult due to the number of mobs along the path and the way it is shaped. A portal scroll may be used to arrive at the Lycan's Cave.

This map is located to the West of Sar Port and to the South of Kakan Port. Below is a list of NPCs and Mobs located in this map.

NPCs & Quest ObjectsEdit

NPCs are "Non-Playing Characters" that give you quests , complete quests, sell items , or otherwise interact with you.

As with items, you can search these people in the "Search" bar located on the map in-game.

NPCs & Quest Objects Significance
Abel Ripley
Donnie Boyle
Drake Moth
Huron Clan Document Cabinet
Jeremy Justice


Mobs are "Mobiles" which basically translates into mobile hostile creatures. These mobs may be aggressive and attack you without provocation or may not.

They drop items for craftingquest items, and equipmentEquipment dropped is typically based on the level of the mobs.

Mobs Essence Cloth Leather Minerals
Frost Titan
Huron Clan Dominatrix
Huron Clan Guard
Huron Clan Scout
Huron Clan Searcher
Huron Clan Slave
Karoso the Traitor
Tundra Elphas
Vanguard Captain Bleeder
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