Mount stones can be added to your mount to enhance your character's stats the same as other equipment.

These enhancements only apply when the mount is equiped to your character and has a valid license if it is from the Cash Shop; however, you do not have to be riding it.

To add a stone to your mount, you must visit NPC Sir Ruffington in Cirrugor.

Mounts may have up to 3 stones added to them as with other accessories and equipment. You may also removed enchantments by using Mount Auralar purchased from the Cash Shop.

The enhancements do not expire, but the mounts purchased from the Cash Shop will expire after a certain time. If you do not purchase a mount license, the enhancements will be nullified until a license is purchased.

Different Types of Mount Stones:Edit

These are found by purchasing a Blue Mount Crystal from the Cash Shop. When opened, it will give you a random mount stone. If you prefer to buy a specific type without the randomness, these may be purchased from other players through the Auction House

Item Name Description Specific Stats Added
Mighty Mount Stone Increases strength. +10 strength
Deft Mount Stone Increases dexterity. +10 dexterity
Enlightened Mount Stone Increases intelligence. +10 intelligence
Excelling Mount Stone Increases max hit points. +10 constitution
Mana Mount Stone Increases max mana points. +10 spirit
Therapeutic Mount Stone Increases hit point heal rate. Healing rate +176%
Powerful Mount Stone Increases physical attack. + 32 physical damage
Meditation Mount Stone Increases magic attack. +40 magical damage
Adept Mount Stone Increases skill attack. Skill attack max +146
Ambitious Mount Stone Doubles attack level. Double attack +4
Vital Mount Stone Increases maximum hit points. Maximum HP +250
Mystic Mount Stone Increases maximum mana points. Maximum MP +250
Bracing Mount Stone Increases physical defense. Physical defense +250 
Warding Mount Stone Increases magical defense. Magical defense +250 
Mount Stone[Critical resistance] Mount stone that increases your critical resist by 6 Critical Resistance +6
Precise Mount Stone* Increases critical damage. +5 critical damage
Mount Stone[Skill Damage] Mount stone that increases your skill attack damage by 160 Skill Damage +160
Mount Stone[Spirit] Mount stone that increases your spirit by 16 Spirit +16
Mount Stone[Intelligence] Mount stone that increases your intelligence by 16 Intelligence +16
Mount Stone[Dexterity] Mount stone that increases your dexterity by 16 Dexterity +16
Mount Stone[Strength] Mount stone that increases your strength by 16 Strength +16
Mount Stone[Double attack] Mount stone that increases your double attack by 8 Double Attack +8
Mount Stone[Critical resistance] Mount stone that increases your critical resist by 10 Critical Resistance +10
  • *Note these mount stones are yet to appear ingame.
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