You will be able to acquire your mount when you are level 40!

There are 2 options for doing this: pay 2 million gold up front, or complete a series of quests and pay a much smaller amount of gold.


A mount is a ridable object in game that you equip as you would normal gear. This will give you a move speed of 70.

There are 11 quests total to complete before you are awarded your mount. Each of these quests originate from Sir Ruffington in Cirrugor.

The sequence of quests to complete this series is as follows:

Quest Name Task to Complete
Wise Choice Talk to Sir Ruffington and choose to complete quests for the Mount.
Learn the Skill With Quest Talk to Sir Ruffington and verify that you will complete the quests.
Getting Used to the Speed Kill 40 Sanja Sparks from Tabazra Desert.
Patience Test Kill Capriton Guards, Wizards, and Warriors to obtain 1 Holy Water of Fusion.
The Skull of the Devil Kill Vicious Marquis and Gressil on Elite mode to obtain a skull from each.
Letting Go of Curse Click the Bone Grave of Despair and kill the summoned creature.
Expensive Material Give Sir Ruffington 2 Pure Auralars and 5 Rubicine [D]
Special Magic Tools Kill Macanga in Lost Mines Hard to obtain his mane and buy a Skill Gem from Jeweler Sophia in Cirrugor.
Caelium of Bless Collect the blue Caelium of Bless that spawns randomly in Amarkand.
Artificial Monster Click the Totem of Test at Joshua Farm and kill the 6 mobs that spawn. This may be redone if you are with a party or are killed.
Order of Subjugation Kill 30 Red Lion Soldiers, Magicians, and Musketeers located in Tagoul

After completing these quests you must donate 150,000 gold to Sir Ruffington. After donating, talk to him again to collect your mount and obtain the new skill used to summon it.


  • It will cost 450,000 gold to complete all the quests to acquire the mount.
  • Caelium of Bless commonly spawn in Sabrina Market on top of hills and around the Eyes in the Void.
  • The mobs that spawn from the Totem of Test are fairly difficult to kill alone for average geared level 40 players. It would be wise to get help.
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