Hold Cabin
The Marauder is a shipwrecked ship located in the far eastern part of Celestine Caverns (which is located in the northern area of Amarkand).

This ship contains 2 dungeons, 1 is located in the bottom Hold portion and the other is located on the 2nd floor (deck) in the Cabin portion.

  • Entrance Key/Crystals Needed: None
  • Party Size limits: None
  • Player Level limits: None; Hell - 55
  • Daily limit: Hell mode once daily
  • Time limit: 30 minutes


To enter Marauder Cabin, you will travel from the entrance of the caverns to the east. While still in the corridor section of the map (prior to entering the large room) turn to the left at the last opening. If you are being attacked by Angry Draguanas, you have gone too far.

If you click "M" and look at the map, the entrance is marked at the very top of the map, above the ship. The large red arrow at the top is pointing to where you should be to enter this dungeon, the small green arrow in the center of the ship points to the exact location of the portal.

FYI: On the map screen, you are looking down at the ship from an aerial perspective so what you see is the deck. When you enter the Hold, you are entering from the side of the ship on the bottom level. When you enter the Cabin, you are entering from the deck of the ship. The recommended level to begin Normal mode of this dungeon would be around 20 with a few higher leveled players in the party. Depending on the player's class, Normal can probably be solo'ed around level 30 with some difficulty. Marauder Cabin is slightly more difficult than Marauder Hold and has more mobs. For each mode higher than Normal, add approximately 5 levels before it can be solo'ed so for Elite mode, level 45-50 would be around the minimum level for soloing depending on the class and equips.

There are 10 quests for Marauder Cabin:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
29 [Normal] Magic Stone Scorpion Beckon Kill Zalneras
30 [Normal] The Soul Box Alchemist Issac Find the Captain's Box
31 [Normal] Deathknight's Necklace Theletar Hephon Kill Deathknight Enforcer
33 [Normal] Hanzo's Test Hattori Hanzo Kill Deathknight Master
34 [Normal] Gressil Qualification Theletar Hermos Kill Gressil
34 [Hard] Departed Soul Hunter Theletar Hephon Kill Ossein Warlocks and Sorcerers
35 [Hard] Zalnera's Moss Anoria Washington Kill Zalneras
35 [Hard] Defeating Deathknights Lieutenent Hector Kill Deathknight Enforcer and Master
36 [Hard] Gressil's Sword Theletar Zephon Kill Gressil
40 [Elite] The Skull of Devil Sir Ruffington Kill Gressil and Marquis

Inside the CabinEdit

Cabin Map

KeetleBeetle @ Aika Global Forums

When you enter the Cabin, 1st mobs you encounter are Zalneras. These are the only thing on the left side of the map until you get to the end of the center wall.

There are 2 rooms on this left side that contain fairly easy mobs.

Next type of mobs you encounter is Osseins and Deathknights. These Deathknights are slightly more difficult to kill than what is found in the Hold. The Ossein Mages can cast a debuff that prevents MP regeneration.

When you reach the end of the left side of the wall, you will turn right and there are more Zalneras and to the right of them is the Deathknight Enforcer which is a Zalneras-styled boss. You can skip this boss by not walking toward it.

There are 2 room entrances on this right side of the map. The 1st room you pass contains the Captain's Box (marked on the map above) which you need for a quest. The box is shown with a green NPC dot on the in-game map so it is easy to locate.

When you reach the end of the right side of the map, you will find the Deathknight Master directly in front of the door to Gressil's room. This boss is only slightly less difficult to kill than Gressil himself, be aware of that. He is larger than the other deathknights.

Now you are ready to kill Gressil! If you are soloing this boss, he can be challenging for players under level 40. A few people should target Gressil while someone kills the two mobs standing next to him. If you are a ranged attacker, you can stand in the doorway to avoid some of his attacked.

When Gressil is defeated, a teleport will emerge. This warps you to the entrance of Celestine Caverns.


Materials (all modes): Auralar, Iron, Caelium, Pure Silver, Cotton Cloth, Heavy Spiked Skin, Aquamarine, Pure Auralar





  • Normal Mobs: Essence of Phantom, Naga's Scale, Rare Sand Pearl, Pellurite B, Rubicine B (lesser chance)
  • Gold Crown Mobs: Same as normal, Black Ghost Pieces Sets
    • Zalnera Zombie: Common throughout 1st half
    • Deathknight Enforcer: Black Ghost Gloves, Boots
    • Deathknight Master: Black Ghost Armor, Helm
    • Lord Gressil: Black Ghost Weapon
  • Sealed Treasure Box: Materials, Unuseable quest items 
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