The level 50 promotion quests must be completed to obtain equipment and skills that is for level 51+. If you do not make this advancement, you will not be able to accrue experience past level 51.

This series of quests consist of 9 quests that begin with Otto Von Schroder in Regenshein.

With this promotion comes a new name:

You will also be awarded the ability to allocate stat points and receive 12 stat points as soon as you become level 51. You will also have a new title that gives stats best suited for your class.

In order to receive these quests, you must have your Pran equiped, current be at level 50, and have completed citizenship of the Nation.

Quest SequenceEdit

These quests must be completed in the order specified.
  1. Recommendation to the Superior
  2. The Dimension's Essence
    • Kill Maleyes around the Ruins of Algon to collect 10 Dimension Essences and return to Cromwell.
  3. The Letter of Recommendation
    • Return to Regenshein and speak with Otto Von Schroder
  4. For Lakia
    • Kill 20 of each Skull Spearmen, Skull Troopers, Skull Archers, and 10 Skull Wizards in the Defiled Pasture outside of Cirrugor and then speak to Otto Von Schroder.
  5. Finding the Holy Grail
    • Kill Bogus Boxes in the Ruins of Algon to collect 1 Holy Grail Sanctus. This may take minutes or hours, the drop is random. However, party members may assist you with this task.
  6. Punishing the Traitor
    • Kill Degermark in Darkrane Forest, outside of Tasker Lumbermill, and return to Otto Von Schroder. He will not attack you until you attack him.
  7. Maximum XP
    • Reach 99.99% experience and speak with Otto again. Cirrugor Skill Masters give daily quests for Lakia Diamonds to help with this process or you may use the Aitan Training Center experience rewards. 
  8. Giving Donation
    • Give 200,000 gold to Otto Von Schroder
  9. Quest Name = Class you will become
    • Travel to Cirrugor and speak with the Skill Master of your class to become level 51!
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