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The Inception Aitan's Equipment, or Gold Set, is an equipment set that can be acquired from daily quests from levels 71-75.

To begin these quests, you may talk to Captain Broski located in Antalya, on Karena island.

To complete the set, it would take a minimum of 11 days to finish all of the dailies required. This number can be reduced to 7 days by completing one set of dailies and beginning the next on the same day.

  • Gauntlets: 2 Days
  • Boots: 2 Days
  • Helmet: 2 Days
  • Body Armor: 2 Days
  • Weapon: 3 Days

These quests are found in Amarkand, Basilica Giovannis, and Karena. Sequence of quests and NPCs by each level:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
71 Inception Elter's Equipment Captain Broski Talk to Theletar Tritus at Halo of Nereon
71 Sleeping Treasure Theletar Tritus Talk to Theletar Gaea at Halo of Ceron
71 [Achievement] Inception Gauntlet Theletar Gaea Collect 2 Mana Gold & 2 Proof of Holiness
71 Magic Gold (Daily) Roman Dayan Kill Strong Penzas to obtain Pure Gold
71 Holy Proof (Daily) Tribune of the Cohort Cameron Kill 15 Screaming Subas

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
71 The Second Treasure Theletar Gaea Talk to Theletar Hephon at Halo of Helion
72 [Achievement] Inception Boots Theletar Hephon Collect 2 Strong Refridgerant & 2 Magical Platinum
72 Strong Refridgerant (Daily) Byron Miller Kill 2 Frozen Lich to obtain Strong Refridgerant [PDNormal]
72 Magical Platinum (Daily) Jereon Penny Kill VertRagna to obtain Pure Platnium [PDNormal]

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
72 The Third Tresure Theletar Hephon Talk to Theletar Zephon at Halo of Zephron
73 [Achievement] Inception Helmet Theletar Zephon Collect 2 Sleeper's Prayer Books & 2 Mist Dust
73 Sleeper's Prayer Book (Daily) Theletar Silverhorn Kill 7 Screaming & Labyrinth Ishuma to obtain Sleeper's Prayer Book [PDNormal]
73 Mist Dust (Daily) Kerry Heinz Kill Airman to obtain Mist Dust [PDNormal]

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
73 The Fourth Treasure Theletar Zephon Talk to Theletar Tritus at Halo of Nereon
74 [Achievement] Inception Armor Theletar Tritus Collect 2 Caelium Gel, 2 Frozen Nails, & 2 Thawing Nails
74 Caelium Gel (Daily) Anjella Kurther Kill 20 Karena Probes to obtain Caelium Gel
74 Nails of Frozen and Thawing (Daily) Jeremy Musher Kill 2 Sami Soliders & Hunters to obtain Frozen Nail and Nail of Thawing

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
74 The Last Treasure Theletar Tritus Talk to Theletar Bariel in Regenshein
75 [Achievement] Inception Weapon Theletar Bariel Collect 3 Tears of Dawn, 3 Pran Book of the Pran, 3 Meteorite Pieces, & 3 Essence of Pran
75 Dawn of Tears (Daily) Vince Hilla Kill Dirty Elites & Dirty Blasters to obtain 10 Holy Water of the Temple
75 Founding Pran's Prayer (Daily) Suzan Blarel Kill Auran Warriors and Fighters to obtain 1 Prayer Book Box
75 Meteorite Fragments (Daily) Bradnihi Kill Gulya Clan Warriors & Amazons to obtain 10 Meteorite
75 Founding Pran Crystal (Daily) Stormwing Kill 15 Blue Sicklefish

The number of days can be reduced by 7 days if you finish the last daily set and begin the next daily set on the same day. Each quest can only be completed once per day, but you can finish one and start the next on the same day.

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