Honor is gained in pvp battles by getting honorable kills. This is basically the opposite of Infamy.

When you make an honorable kill, you may also receive a skull. Skulls can be traded in for items at NPC Catharine Piero.

Honor is only gained when you become a citizen of a particular nation.


You gain Honor mainly from killing other nation players (or being in a party with someone that killed them) and from Battlefield matches. Honor is also given in Castle Siege for killing members of the other alliances and being in the party or raid of a relics carrier when the relic is placed in the temple.

The number of points can vary, but the highest amount of points you can currently get is 20 points. Honor is gained in pvp settings (raids, defense, ect.) from killing players 15 levels below or above your level.

Honor comes in increments of 4 for pvp kills, the amounts are: 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 points per kill. These amounts do not apply to Battlefield kills.

You can obtain double honor from using Potion of Defense or Potion of Arcane Defense. If there is also a double honor event, using a potion will result in 4x honor!

After a death, either your own or the enemy, there is a 3-minute Dead Man Walking buff. If your nation has the Brysi relics, this time is extended. You can not gain honor or give honor from being killed during this time.

Rewards of HonorEdit

Honor is used as a currency at certain merchants. These merchants can be found in Regenshein near the Town Teleport, Cirrugor Marina, Epheso, and Disceroa Colony.

There are several equipment sets, enchanting crystals, and potions you may buy with your Honor.

Some items require both Honor and Medals of Courage. These Medals of Courage can be purchased for 300 Honor each at the Honor Potion Merchant in Regenshein.

Another reward of gaining honor is the 10% Dailies given from NPC Ascoles in Regenshein. There are 2 quests this NPC gives, together they require the player to give him 45 Medals of Courage for level 80 and below. Level 80 and above must give him 90 Medals of Courage to complete the quests.

  • Acquire 13500 honor from either Battlefield or pvp kills.
  • Purchase 45 Medals of Courage from the Honor Potion Merchant
  • Turn in both quests to receive two 5% experience marks.

NPC Friedrich Kroeger also has a daily quest that rewards 5 Medals of Courage (worth 1500 honor) for being on the winning team of a Battlefield match.

Honor Equipment SetsEdit

Honor Equipment Sets begin at level 35. There is a set for 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, and 85. Images from Here (Information is outdated).

Warrior SetsEdit


Paladin SetsEdit


Riflemen SetsEdit


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Warlock SetsEdit


Cleric SetsEdit

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