Hidden Argent Forest is a duplicate map of Argent Forest that is located in Traband except this is only available to the winner of Traband Tower Wars. It is available for 18 hours after a win.

Since this is only for the winner, it is a pve map. So players are safe from other nations.

To go to Hidden Argent Forest, talk to Ashley Clinton located in Epheso.


When you first teleport to this map, you are in danger of being attacked by Black Guards because it places you in middle of the mob spawn location. Players should be aware of this.

The only way to teleport back to Epheso is from this teleport.

There is only 1 NPCs in this map, Luch, and he is located in the absolute center of the map at the arrow you see in the map above.

There are 3 daily quests from Luch in that can be completed here:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
75 Ruchi's Lost Food (Daily) Luch Kill Guards and Abitrators to obtain 10 Frozen Fish
75 Delicious Mushroom (Daily) Luch Kill Guards and Abitrators to obtain 3 Poison Mushrooms
75 Gift from the Heart (Daily) Luch Give Poisonous Apple to Roach in Regenshein (Broken Quest)


Mobs in this map drop Activated Fragment of Subordination that is used to craft level 70 mounts. The recipes for these mounts can be obtained from NPC Henry in Epheso.

Mob Essence Cloth Leather Mineral
Dark Watchman
Red Watchman
Brutal Mediator
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