Heavy Scale
Rarity Common
Value 832 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Heavy Scale is a common drop that is used to craft equipment and other leathers.

Must have 4x Scale Skin Strap + 2x Thick Epoxy and 10 Gold to craft each piece at the Anvil.

"Layered Scale."

Obtained FromEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Warrior's Strife Sword
  • Helmet of Warrior's Strife
  • Armor of Warrior's Strife
  • Gauntlets of Warrior's Strife
  • Boots of Warrior's Strife
  • Paladin's Strife Blade
  • Helmet of Paladin's Strife
  • Armor of Paladin's Strife
  • Gauntlets of Paladin's Strife
  • Boots of Paladin's Strife
  • Shield of Paladin's Strife
  • Rifleman's Strife Rifle
  • Cap of Rifleman's Strife
  • Suit of Rifleman's Strife
  • Gloves of Rifleman's Strife
  • Boots of Rifleman's Strife
  • Dual Gunner's Strife Pistols
  • Tiara of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Suit of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Gloves of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Shoes of Dual Gunner's Strife
  • Warlock's Strife Staff
  • Hat of Warlock's Strife
  • Robe of Warlock's Strife
  • Gloves of Warlock's Strife
  • Boots of Warlock's Strife
  • Cleric's Strife Wand
  • Cloche of Cleric's Strife
  • Dress of Cleric's Strife
  • Gloves of Cleric's Strife
  • Shoes of Cleric's Strife
  • Hard Scale
  • Beques of the Forest: Rage
  • Beques of the Forest: Patience
  • Beques of the Forest: Silence
  • Beques of the Forest: Scud
  • Beques of the Forest: Ruin
  • Beques of the Forest: Purify
  • Sword of the Black Ghost
  • Blade of the Black Ghost
  • Rifle of the Black Ghost
  • Pistol of the Black Ghost
  • Staff of the Black Ghost
  • Wand of the Black Ghost
  • Superior Fergana Blade
  • Superior Termiz Sword
  • Superior Sylhet-T3 x2
  • Superior Kepler SN-1
  • Harpael Wand
  • Almagest Staff
  • Sword of Nature's Blessing (Warrior)
  • Sword of Nature's Blessing (Paladin)
  • Rifle of Nature's Blessing
  • Pistols of Nature's Blessing
  • Staff of Nature's Blessing
  • Wand of Nature's Blessing
  • Lost Beques: Ruin
  • Lost Beques: Purify
  • Fergana Blade
  • Termiz Sword
  • Sylhet-T3 x2
  • Kepler SN-1
  • Harpael Wand
  • Lachesis Wand
  • Almagest Staff
  • La Folia Staff
  • Fergana Shield
  • Flogar Helmet
  • Flogar Armor
  • Flogar Gauntlets
  • Flogar Boots
  • Marktun Helmet
  • Marktun Armor
  • Marktun Gauntlets
  • Marktun Boots
  • Violentia Hat
  • Violentia Robe
  • Violentia Gloves
  • Violentia Boots
  • Tizie Cloche
  • Tizie Dress
  • Tizie Gloves
  • Tizie Shoes
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