Guilds are essentially groups of players that work and play together in the game. The larger a guild is the more members, guild skills, and respect in the Aika Community.

Starting a GuildEdit

To start a new guild, you will need to be in a party consisting of 6 players of the same nation (can not be players that haven't completed citizenship) that do not have a guild on any of the other characters on the account. You will also need 50,000 gold.

Now the party must speak with NPC John Hubert in Regenshein to complete the process. The person that speaks to him will become the Guild Master.

Inviting Members to GuildEdit

Now you must begin inviting new members to your new Guild! Member permissions are set by the Guild Master, so they determine which ranks can recruit members.

To do this, you can right-click the person and select "Guild Invite" if you are with the person.

Or if you would like to invite someone from Shout (that is not standing next to you), you can right-click the person's name and add them to your friends list. From the friends list, you can right click their name and send the invite.

Guild LevelsEdit

Each level can only hold a certain amount of members. In order to increase the maximum number of members, you will need to complete Guild Quests for Guild Points required to attain higher Guild levels.

Level # of Members Guild Tax Guild Points (Upgrade) Gold (Upgrade) Skill Points
1 6-32 3,000 gold 0 0 0
2 33-48 13,000 gold 22,000 0 0
3 49-72 25,000 gold 64,750 0 0
4 73-96 55,000 gold 155,600 0 0
5 97-128 100,000 gold 496,000 0 0
6 128 155,000 gold 1,066,400 2
7 128 220,000 gold 1,812,880 2
8 128 295,000 gold 2,991,252 3,341,250 3
9 128 380,000 gold 4,786,003 6,496,875 4
10 128 500,000 gold 7,418,305 5

Details of GuildsEdit

This is random information about Guilds that is not stated otherwise.


Each Guild has their own private Guild chat that is signified with green text and a [G] before each line. To speak in Guild chat, you must have the "@" symbol before the information.


There are 5 ranks in a Guild: Master and level 4 through 1 with 1 being the lowest rank.

The Guild Master has ultimate control over the Guild and can assign ranks to the other members. The also control what rank privilages are.

Guild WarehouseEdit

Each Guild is given a Guild Warehouse. This warehouse can be accessed by speaking to NPC John Hubert in Regenshein. This is a bank where the Guild can stow useful crafting materials, extra potions, equipment, or other items that they would like to share with their members.

Members that are ranked appropriate, according to what the GM has set, are able to view the contents and open the GWH for use.


Guilds also have the option of entering Alliances with other Guilds up to a maximum of 3.

Alliances are able to communicate via an Alliance chat similar to the Guild chat. The text is pink and has an [A] as well as the name of the Guild a person is speaking from next to their name. In order to speak in Alliance chat, you must have the "$" symbol before the text.

Aika GovernmentEdit

If a guild or alliance chooses, they can compete with the reigning Lord Marshal's Alliance in Castle Siege to gain control of the Nation in which they reside. The Guild Master of the Guild that wins will then be made Lord Marshal of the Nation and the Guild Masters in their alliance will become Archons.