Guild Quests are quests that can be completed by guild members to increase the level of their guild. Higher leveled guilds can recruit more members, have access to better guild skills, and gain more respect in the Aika community.

Guild Quests can be bought from an NPC named John Hubert in Regenshein. This NPC is also the one that you visit to view the Guild Warehouse. Click "Shop" and purchase the Guild Quests that are appropriate for your level. You can not complete quests that are above or below your level range. These quests can also be purchased in Ashwood from Cort Rogozor at the Shrine of the High Castor.

To begin a quest, right click the item you bought and it will be added to your Quest Log. When you complete it, it automatically submits. You do not have to return anywhere to turn it in. There will also be a guild message that pops up telling all members that you have finished a quest and the points it is worth.

You can only buy these in stacks of 5 although you can purchase more than 5. And you can only begin 1 quest at a time. If you abandon the quest, you will not be able to start again unless you buy another quest. These quests award small amounts of experience and gold as well as guild points.

Image Quest Description
Gq1 Guild Mission -Lv.1- Guild order that can be used to perform level 1 Guild missions. [Lv 1 - 10]
Kubari Hunting Kill 10x Munta and 10x Fierce Munta Kubari
Mogun Hunter Kill 10x Mogun and 10x Aggressive Moguns
Raging Munta Kubari Kill 20x Raging Munta Kubari
Kubari Bag Kill Munta and Fierce Munta Kubari to obtain 10x Kubari Bags
Mogun Bead Kill Mogun and Aggressive Mogusn to obtain 10x Mole's Beads
Kubari Necklace Kill Raging Munta Kubari to obtain 10 Kubari Necklaces
Gq1 Guild Mission -Lv.2- Guild order that can be used to perform level 2 Guild missions.[Lv 11 - 20]
Stork Hunting Kill 10x Bloody-Winged and Conniving Storks
Stork Eggs Kill Conniving Stork to obtain 10x Stork's Eggs
Muddy Nerine Hunting Kill 20x Muddy Nerine
Nerine's Tooth Kill Muddy Nerine to obtain 10x Nerine Tooth
Cannibal Boar Hunting Kill 20x Cannibal Boar
Cannibal Boar's Dogtooth Kill Cannibal Boar to obtain 10x Cannibalized Boar's Dogtooth
Gq1 Guild Mission -Lv.3- Guild order that can be used to perform level 3 Guild missions. [Lv 21 - 30]
Defeating Garubians Kill 10x Angry and 10x Fierce Garubians
Garubian Shells Kill Angry and Fierce Garubians to obtain 10x Garubian Skins
Guru Hunting Kill 10x Guru and 10x Angry Guru
Collecting Guru Eyeballs Kill Guru and Angry Guru to obtain Guru's Eyes
Club Dread Attack Kill 10x Dreadful Slashers and 10x Butchers
Club Dread Medal Kill Dreadful Slashers and Butchers to obtain 10x Club Dread Medals
Gq1 Guild Mission -Lv.4- Guild order that can be used to perform level 4 Guild missions. [Lv 31 - 40]
Kobra Hunting Kill 20x Gibson Kobras
Kobra's Poison Pouch Kill Gibson Kobras to obtain 10x Kobra Poison Bags
Sanja Hunting Kill 10x Sanja Gusts and 10x Whirlwinds
Sanja's Wingscale Kill Sanja Gusts and Whirlwinds to obtain 10x Sanja's Wingscale
Destroying Punkies Kill 10x Nuxie Guards and 10x Linkie Scouts to obtain 10x Punkie Rings
Punkies Rings Kill Nuxie Guards and Linkie Scouts
Gq1 Guild Mission -Lv.5- Guild order that can be used to perform level 5 Guild missions. [Lv 41 - 50]
The Dirty Dozen Kill 10x Dirty Explorers and 10x Snatchers
Ovises Attack Kill 10x Ovis and 10x Demonic Ovis
Defeating Maleyes Kill 10x Maleyes and 10x Demonic Maleyes
Dirty Money Kill Dirty Explorers and Snatchers to obtain 10x Dirty Coins
Horn of Ovis Kill Ovis and Demonic Ovis to obtain 10x Ovis Horns
Maleye's Shell Kill Maleyes to obtain 10x Skin of Beholders
Gq2 Guild Mission -Lv.6- Guild order that can be used to perform level 6 Guild missions. [Lv 51 - 60]
Vesper Hunt Kill 15x Bloody and 15x Bloodsucking Vespers
Annihilation of Ash Butos Kill 15x Ash and 15x Baby Anglers
Defeating the Shidlans Kill 5x Shidlan Gladiator, 5x Scouts, and 5x Spearman Kynari
Vesper's Wing Kill Bloody and Bloodsucking Vespers to obtain 10x Vesper's Wings
Buto's Poison Pouch Kill Ash and Baby Anglers to obtain 10x Angler Poisons
Shidlan's Earrings Kill Shidlan Gladiator, Scouts, and Spearman to obtain Shidlan Earrings
Gq2 Guild Mission -Lv.7- Guild order that can be used to perform level 7 Guild missions. [Lv 61 - 70]
Hunting Suba Kill 15x Screaming and 15x Contaminated Subas
Eliminate Bone Devil Kill 15x Red Bone Devil and 15x Bone Devils
Pacify Penza Kill 15x Strong and 15x Power Penzas
Suba's Necklace Kill Screaming and Contaminated Subas to obtain 10x Suba Necklaces
Bone Devil's Soul Dust Kill Red Bone Devil and Bone Devils to obtain 10x Bonedevil Lifedust
Penza Oil Kill Strong and Power Penzas to obtain 10x Penza Oils
Gq2 Guild Mission -Lv.8- Guild order that can be used to perform level 8 Guild missions. [Lv 71 - 80]
Eliminate Remnants Kill 15x Lahom Clan Stragglers and 15x Remnants
Eliminate Bigfoot Kill 15x Frost Yeti and 15x Herculean Wendigo
Eliminate Apbas and Titan Kill 15x Frost Apbas and 15x Frost Titans
Titan's Decision Kill Frost and Caelium Titans to obtain 10x Titan's Crystals
Elpas' Ivory Kill Ancient and Snow Elpas to obtain 10x Elpas' Ivory
Wyvern's Claws Kill Red Scaled and Black Scaled Wyvern to obtain 10 Wyvern Claws
Gq2 Guild Mission -Lvl 8- (Karena) An order for a Lvl 8 Guild mission. (Lvl 71~80)
Aulan's Repulse Kill 15x Aulan Warrior and 15x Fighter
Dirty Clan Annihilation Kill 15x Dirty Elite and Dirty Blaster
Kill 12x Blue Fire and Red Fire Gibuk
Sami Clan's Antique Kill Sami Clan Combatant and Hunter to obtain 10 Antique of the Sami Clan
Gulya Clan's Claws Kill Gulya Clan Sanja Warrior and Amazon to obtain 10x Gulya Claws
Cursed Feather Kill Hell's Sanja Warrior and Witches to obtain 10x Cursed Feathers
Gq2 Guild Mission -Lvl 9- (Disceroa) An order for a Lvl 9 Guild mission. (Lvl 81~85)
Cobweb of Chimera 42 Kill Chimera Experiment No42 and obtain 12x Chimera Cobweb
Ivory of Chimera 97 Kill Chimera Experiment No97 and obtain 12x Chimera Ivory
Mane of Chimera 55 Kill Chimera Experiment No55 and obtain 12x Chimera Mane
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