The Glorious Giovanni Equipment, or Glorious Set, is an equipment set you can obtain by completing quests beginning at level 61 and ending at level 65.

To begin these quests, you must first talk to Nick Yarsh in Regenshein. The rest of these quests are completed around Basilica Giovannis.

To complete this set, it would take a minimum of 12 days to finish all daily quests as described. This number can be reduced to 8 days if you begin a new set of daily quests on the same day that you finish the last set.

  • Gauntlets: 2 Days
  • Boots: 2 Days
  • Helmet: 2 Days
  • Armor: 2 Days
  • Weapon: 4 Days

Sequence of quests and NPCs by each level:

Lvl Quest Name NPC Task to Complete
61 Heart of Bravery Nick Yarsh Talk to Sister Leah at Joshua Farm
61 Invitation Pendant Sister Leah Talk to Tony Istark at the Yard of the Prophet
61 [Glorious] Gauntlet of Giovanni Tony Istark Collect 2 Banzul's Hard Skin & 2 Metal's Magical Crystals
61 Banzul's Hard Skin (Daily) Theletar Gessle Kill Banzul to obtain 10 Coarse Skin of Banzul
61 Metal's Magical Crystal (Daily) Captain Cromwell Kill Steuer to obtain 10 Steuer's Sawtooth Screws
62 [Glorious] Boots of Giovanni Tony Istark Collect 2 Gust Stones & 2 Enhanced Buba's Skins
62 Gust Stone (Daily) Theletar Gessle Kill Ovis to obtain 10 Ovis's Boots
62 Enhanced Buba's Skin (Daily) Captain Cromwell Kill Bubas to obtain 10 Buba's Leather Shoes
63 [Glorious] Helmet of Giovanni Tony Istark Collect 2 Magical Steel Plates
63 Magical Steel Plate (Daily) Timothy Kill Mutant Power Penzas to obtain 10 Penza's Engines
64 [Glorious] Armor of Giovanni Tony Istark Collect 2 Flaming Firewood
64 Flaming Firewood (Daily) Roman Dayan Kill Mutant Verits to obtain 10 Flaming Stones
65 [Glorious] Weapon of Giovanni Tony Istark Collect 4 Apos' Remains
65 Apos' Remains (Daily) Kerry Heinz Kill 15 Mutated Power Penza & 15 Mutated Verit
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