This page contains general information about PvP functions such as parties, PvP mode, pking, Infamy, and Honor.

Party SystemEdit

When you form a group with other players, this is called forming a party. Up to four different parties can be joined together to form an raid. A single party can be made of up to six members maximum for a total of 24 members in a full raid.

When you are in a party, the status bars of all other party and/or raid members will appear on your screen. This shows their class, level, HP, MP, and active buffs or debuffs. If their status bar is grayed, this means they are outside of your area.

Creating or Joining A PartyEdit

To create a party, right-click on a player's name from chat or on their character if they are near by. As soon as 1 person joins the party, the party is formed and more members may be invited.

Adding Players to PartyEdit

Anyone in the party may invite others; however, only the party lead may form a raid.

  • Direct invite: Other player is visible, you can select the player and invite him by right-click menu.
  • Friend invite: Player is in your friends list, you can invite him/her with right-click menu from the friend's list.
  • Chat invite: Right-click a name in your chat window and select the 'Add to Party' option.
  • + Invite: Invite a player remotely by typing "+Name" without the quotes into the chat box.
    • Ex: +Bob would send an invite to the player named Bob.

Players must be on the same nation and channel in order to form a party. You can not invite a person on a different continent.

  • Ex. 1 player in Regenshein and another player in Traband.

Leaving or Disbanding A PartyEdit

You can leave a party at any time by right-clicking on your party status bar and choose the 'Leave Party' option.

If you are the party leader leadership will automatically pass to another player or you may right-click on another party member and change party leader.

You may also choose the 'Disband Party' option which will remove all members from that party.

PK & PvPEdit

"PK" or "Player Killing" is a feature of the game that can be done in two ways.

  • Killing people of your own nation. (Must have PvP flag activated)
  • Killing people of other nations.

PvP Fla​g Edit

It is possible to attack fellow citizens and allies by turning on PvP mode, which can be found below the auto-attack switch on your control menu.

You must be above level ten in order to raise your PvP flag, which will mark you with a special icon and alert others to the fact that you are prepared to attack them. Note that there are penalties for killing your own nation members, ranging in severity and duration depending on how many kills you have made.

Infamy Edit

Infamy is a PvP mechanism used to discourage players from killing fellow citizens of their nation, citizens of allied nations, or nation-less players. Killing non-enemy players results in the accumulation of 'infamy points', which bestow an infamy buff on the perpetrator.

There are four levels of infamy past an initial warning stage and they range from an hour-long debuff with small penalties to a 24-hour state of disgrace with extremely onerous handicaps. These handicaps do not prevent you from playing the game, but they may make it impossible to gain experience points and engage in many NPC interactions, among other side effects. Clearing these effects require you to stay logged in for the duration of the penalty.

Infamy may cause the following penalties, with varying levels of severity:

  • No access to relic buffs
  • Name appears in an altered color (brown, pink, or red)
  • Equipment durability decreases at a higher rate
  • Honor points decrease
  • No honor points gained for killing citizens of enemy nations
  • Pran devotion decreases
  • XP gained from mobs decreases
  • NPC interactions limited or inaccessible
  • Able to be killed by fellow citizens and nation-less players without penalty

Nation PvPEdit

PvP is a normal part of Aika in which you kill enemy nation citizens.

Honor Edit

It is possible to earn Honor points once you have become a citizen of a nation (i.e. at or above level 10 and upon completion of the citizenship quest). Honor points are mainly acquired through nation vs. nation PvP – in relic raids, for example – but can also be won through killing players of an enemy team in a Battlegrounds match or through killing players of a different legion in Castle Siege. In the latter two cases, your enemy might be a fellow citizen of your nation or of an allied nation, but you will still earn Honor points and not Infamy.

You may check the Character Info interface to keep track of the number of Honor points you’ve gained and the number of PvP kills you’ve accomplished.

Honor is calculated and accrued automatically, and the number of honor points won depends on several factors, including the level difference between you and your enemy and your role in the enemy’s death. Even if you didn’t deliver the final blow, or were only in the same party as the player who killed the enemy, you may still earn Honor points. Killing an enemy directly when you are at a level disadvantage to him is worth the most points.

A reward item related to the Honor point system is the medal. Different kinds of medals can be earned alongside Honor points in certain situations, including (but not limited to) Battlegrounds matches and Castle Siege. These medals may be exchanged for token sums of XP.

The Dead Man Walking buff will ensure for 2 minutes (extended if your nation has a Brysi relic) that enemies camping your spawn point won’t be able to gain Honor points from your death. This will also prevent you from gaining honor if you happen to kill your attacker after you are resurrected.

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