Fire Essence
Rarity Common
Value 40 GoldIcon
Stackable Yes

Common drop throughout the game. Used to craft more complex essences and equipment at the Anvil.

"This small rock exudes warmth."

Obtained FromEdit

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Obtained From QuestEdit

Required for QuestEdit

Used to CraftEdit

  • Farbe Shield
  • Belita Shield
  • Sanjay Helmet
  • Sanjay Armor
  • Sanja Gauntlets
  • Sanjay Boots
  • Augen Helmet
  • Augen Armor
  • Augen Gauntlets
  • Augen Boots
  • Missaglia Helmet
  • Missalgia Armor
  • Missalgia Gauntlets
  • Missalgia Boots
  • Afeleia Helmet
  • Afeleia Armor
  • Afeleia Gauntlets
  • Afeleia Boots
  • Flame Essence
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