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Equipment and Accessories can be enchanted with auralar and crystals to give you additional stats.

There are 4 types of auralar that can be used to enchant: Raw Auralar, Blue Auralar, and Pure Auralar which you can get as drops from different mobs and Superior Auralar which you can obtain from the talent shop to give higher enchants.

There are all types of crystals that can be obtained as drops from monsters, quest rewards, or purchased either from other Players, the Auction House,Cash Shop or the Lucky Shop. These enchantments are for Armor/Weapons/Accessory/Mount/Pran.

For a full list of crystals, please vist the Complete Crystal List.

To add enchantments, you must visit Enchanter Camellia located in Regenshein.

How to Add Enchantments[edit | edit source]

Take your auralar or crystal and your equipment to the Enchanter Camellia located in the northeast area of Regenshein.

Next, select "Enchant" from the talk option.

The left slot is for your equipment or accessory, the right slot holds your auralar or crystal. You must drag these items from your inventory (not pran bag) and select Enchant at the bottom.

Auralar will give your item a random enhancement while crystals provide specific enchants. Therefore, crystals are typically more desired and more costly. However, superior

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auralar may give enchantments that are rare or unavailable as a crystal.

Enchantments do not have a risk of failure. The slot machine effect during auralar use determines how many enchantments you receive.

If you attempt to put 2 crystals of the same type, the crystal with the highest value will override the lesser one.

How to Remove Enchantments[edit | edit source]

In order to remove an enchantment from equipment, accessories, Pran clothing, or Mounts, you must have a special auralar available from either the Cash Shop or Ronnir's Talent Shop.

These types of auralar are called:

The (Select) versions of these auralars only remove one enchant, while the regular ones remove every enchant from the item, excluding blue stats, skins, and core augmentation.

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