Drago is accessible from Epheso in Traband. Speak to NPC Theletar Talosky, located near teleporter in Epheso, to be teleported to Drago.

This map is a town and does not contain mobs. It is also accessible to all nations simultaneously, however they are unable to attack.

There are two dungeons located here, Tyriantor and Aquados.

Level 80 Unique Equipment boxes may be purchased here from Huedy using Light of Hestia which are dropped in the 2 dungeons found here.

All buffs, debuffs, and tax rates applicable to Traband are also applied to this area.

This map has an overgrown jungle theme with a large dormant dragon encircling the island. There are 2 levels seperated by stairs and walls of trees, mushrooms, and wooden fencing lining the pathways.

NPC Significance
Bando Halyn Mage Skill Master
Cory Ester Rubicine & Pellurite DIY merchant
Huedy Level 80 Unique Equipment merchant
Jacqui Porter Quests
Leona Darsha General Goods merchant
Letha Leous Bank
Nate Blacksmith; Level Down, Transfer, Purchase Crafting Goods
Pancaher Quests
Radeo Dawin Return to Epheso NPC Teleport
Raman Ratte Quests
Ricowatt Fighter Skill Master
Robert Samah Quests
Roony Quests
Ruthado Libya Quests
Sorela Quests
Yvette Spilla Scout Skill Master