This is the first colony on Disceroa since Aika raised Lakia to the sky.

This is a pve map that is located on the Limited Channel designated mainly for level 75 players and higher.

To teleport to Disceroa, talk to Theletar Rigel located in Regenshein near the Teleport to Zantorian Park.

The colony is a town similar to other towns found in Aika. This map does not contain mobs.

To return to Regenshein (on Limited Channel), talk to Theletar Byzanne.

Below is a list of NPCs found in this map.


NPCs are "Non-Playing Characters" that give you quests , complete quests, sell items , or otherwise interact with you.

As with items, you can search these people in the "Search" bar located on the map in-game.

NPC Significance
Theletar Byzanne Teleport to Regenshein
Renalt Licum Quest
Lain Pavel Equipment Reinforcement
Reina Kelly Quest
Sela Level 85 Honor Accessory Merchant
Cyn Level 85 Honor Cloth Merchant
Sorin Level 85 Honor Leather Merchant
Renea Level 85 Honor Metal Plate Merchant
Kaera Level 85 Honor Weapon Merchant
Noilly Angela Medal of Courage Merchant
Sarah Daiso General Merchant
Arsen Plavio Bank
Kaisel Probst Quest
Johnny Quest
Tony Kepler Crafting, Quest
Anvil Crafting
Biztec McCaton Mage Skill Master
Serina Risa Scout Skill Master
Spira McGee Figher Skill Master
Lyon Roe Quest
Colony Guard Save Point
Theletar Fotte Teleport to Field of Aitan Massacre
Big Castillo Quest
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