Equipment can be "transferred" in Aika to give the gear a different appearance. This does not change the stats or reinforcements, only appearance.

You may transfer, or skin, almost any piece of equipment with another piece; however, there are also costume skins available in the Cash Shop that give the appearance of clothes, sun glasses, bracelets, etc.

You may also change the look of your mount by purchasing a Mount Change V2 ticket from the Cash Shop for 500 gP. This allows you to change your mount's appearance into that of other classes' Traband series mounts.

To remove skins, you must purchase Purifying Ore (currently 400 gP) from the Cash Shop. This only removes skins, not enchantments.

Class Icon Name Cost Class Icon Name Cost
Paladin Skin2 Crystal Helmet 800 gP Warrior Skin1 Crystal Helmet 800 gP
SkinHelm2 Rosaria Crown 600 gP SkinHelm1 Onyx Glasses 600 gP
SkinBody2 Rosaria Dress 200 gP SkinBody1 Onyx Coat 200 gP
SkinArm2 Rosaria Gloves 100 gP SkinArm1 Onyx Bangle 100 gP
SkinBoot2 Rosaria Boots 100 gP SkinBoot1 Onyx Boots 100 gP



Solar Blade & Shield Set 800 gP SkinWep1 Solar Sword 800 gP
SkinPack2 Rosaria Paladin Package 1000 gP SkinPack1 Onyx Warrior Package 1000 gP
Dual Gunner Skin4 Crystal Tiara 800 gP Rifleman Skin3 Crystal Cap 800 gP
SkinHelm4 Rosaria Ribbon 600 gP SkinHelm3 Onyx Glasses 600 gP
SkinBody4 Rosaria Blouse 200 gP SkinBody3 Onyx Coat 200 gP
SkinArm4 Rosaria Gloves 100 gP SkinArm3 Onyx Bangle 100 gP
SkinBoot4 Rosaria Boots 100 gP SkinBoot3 Onyx Boots 100 gP
SkinWep4 Solar Pistols 800 gP SkinWep3 Solar Rifle 800 gP
SkinPack4 Rosaria Gunner Package 1000 gP SkinPack3 Onyx Sniper Package 1000 gP
Cleric Skin6 Crystal Cloche 800 gP Warlock Skin5 Crystal Hat 800 gP
SkinHelm6 Rosario Crown 600 gP SkinHelm5 Onyx Glasses 600 gP
SkinBody6 Rosario Fancy Dress 200 gP SkinBody5 Onyx Coat 200 gP
SkinArm6 Rosario Bands 100 gP SkinArm5 Onyx Bangle 100 gP
SkinBoot6 Rosario Long Boots 100 gP SkinBoot5 Onyx Boots 100 gP
SkinWep6 Solar Wand 800 gP SkinWep5 Solar Staff 800 gP
SkinPack6 Rosaria Cleric Package 1000 gP SkinPack5 Onyx Warlock Package 1000 gP
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