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Core Augmenting is a way to further enhance your equipment that is level 70 or higher.

All of the previous reinforcements or enchantments of the equipment will remain the same, the only thing that will be affected is the blue stats, set effects, and name. 

Note of Importance: If you change one piece of a set, you will lose the full set effect due to having one piece a new cored set piece and the rest the old set. This is due to changed names and set effects for cored pieces. Therefore, only core items if you are able to core the entire set at one time.

To increase the attack and defense stats of gear, you would reinforce it at Alchemist Issac in Regenshein.

To give gear additional green stats, you can enchant gear at the Enchanter Camellia NPC in Regenshein.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

There are several types of Cores you can obtain:

  • Red Core Augment: Level 70-79 Unique Equipment
  • Yellow Core Augment: Golden Equipment
  • Blue Core Augment: 75 Honor Equipment
  • Purple Core Augment: Superior Equipment
  • Ruby Core Augment: 80 Unique Sets & 85 Unique Weapons
  • Sapphire Core Augment: 85 Honor Equipment
  • Brilliant Red Core Augment 90 Unique Equipment
  • Ruined Red Core Augment 90 Unique Equipment
  • Mystic Red Core Augment 90 Unique Equipment
  • Resolute Conquerors Core 95 Honor Equipment
  • Mighty Conquerors Core 95 Honor Equipment
  • Skilled Conquerors Core 95 Honor Equipment
  • Cruel Conquerors Core 95 Honor Equipment

The piece of equipment that you would like to core must be reinforced to +7 or above and level 70 or higher.

To reduce the incidence of failure, Enriched Pellurite or Rubicine Extracts of the same level as the equipment should be used although extracts maybe used with significantly lower success rates.

Regular Extracts:

  • 0 Pell/Rub Extracts used: 20% success rate
  • 1 Pell/Rub Extracts used: 28% success rate
  • 2 Pell/Rub Extracts used: 36% success rate
  • 3 Pell/Rub Extracts used: 44% success rate
  • 4 Pell/Rub Extracts used: 52% success rate

Enriched Extracts:

  • 0 Enriched Pell/Rub Extracts used: 20% success rate
  • 1 Enriched Pell/Rub Extracts used: 40% success rate
  • 2 Enriched Pell/Rub Extracts used: 60% success rate
  • 3 Enriched Pell/Rub Extracts used: 80% success rate
  • 4 Enriched Pell/Rub Extracts used: 100% success rate

If the augmentation should fail, all extracts and cores will be destroyed, but the equipment item will remain the same,even when trying to core with no enriched/extracts.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Make sure you have enough cores and enriched extracts to core all pieces of the set to avoid losing the set effects.

  1. Right-click the core (You may exit out of this window if needed).
  2. Drag equipment item to the center box. (20% success rate without extracts.)
  3. Drag extracts to the 4 outer boxes. (20% success rate per enriched, 8% rate per regular extracts.)
  4. Confirm the augmentation at the bottom.
  5. Confirm then 2nd window that warns of the change in sets.
  6. Augmentation complete!

What will it change?[edit | edit source]

When a piece of gear is cored, this will affect the blue stats only, not any of the green enchantments that you have added to it with Crystals. A quick list of things that will change:

  • Name & Set Name
  • Blue stats
  • Set Effects

Quick list of things that will not change:

  • Rank
  • Durability
  • Attack & Defense stats
  • Reinforcement levels
  • Enchantments (Green stats, added with crystals)

Your gear will get a new name in a new set. So if you are coring a set, you must core the entire set at the same time or else you will have pieces from two different sets possibly leaving you without either of the set effects.

Example of Cored Gear:[edit | edit source]

Warrior Severe Cold Sword

Original Augmented
Name Sword of Severe Cold Frozen Rage Greatsword
Rank A A
Phys Att 451 451
Blue Stat 1 79 Phys Damage 105 Phys Damage
Blue Stat 2 Max HP +1130 Max HP +1490
Blue Stat 3 STR +15 STR +30
3-Piece Effects Max HP +1190 Max HP +1570
Max MP +600 Max MP +780
4-Piece Effects Phys Defense +280 Phys Defense +320
CON +40 CON +80
Phys Att +150 Phys Att +172
5-Piece Effects 10% Chance of Glacial Spike 12% Chance of Glacial Spike

Since the rank does not change, the reinforcement costs and rates will not change either.

Where to Obtain Cores[edit | edit source]


Red, Yellow, Purple and Blue cores can be obtain in 2 ways, first is purchasing them using Cold Wave's Crystals from NPC Madison Lech in Epheso.

Second is from defeating bosses found in Spiral Road in Karena on Hard and Elite modes. Any mode is thought to drop cores, but the higher the Mode the higher the drop rates will be.

Ruby and Sapphire cores are found in the Abyssal Gateway Dungeon from bosses. This is located on the Disceroa map in the Pass of Silence region.

Mystic Brilliant and Ruined Cores are found in Cauchemar a dungeon located in Drago (AKA Hestia).

Cold Wave's Crystals[edit | edit source]

Cold Wave's Crystals are a type of currency used in Traband. Pieces of Cold Wave's Crystals drop from mobs around the Traband maps.

These pieces can be traded to Madison Lech in Epheso's Commerical District for whole Cold Wave's Crystals by completing either a Daily Quest named Cold Wave Crystal (Daily) which rewards 1 Cold Wave's Crystal or a Repeatable quest named (Repeat) Mandozi's Magic Chest.

The Repeatable Quest requires 50 Pieces of Cold Wave's Crystal and will award you a Super Mysterious Box that will give you a random number of Crystals.

Cold Wave's Crystals may also be purchased from other players; Piece of Cold Wave's Crystals can not be traded though.

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