Cleric is the main healing and buffing class in Aika. They are also able to cleanse players of debuffs and resurrect fallen party members.


  • Support
  • Buffs
  • Heals
  • Res Dead
  • Debuff Players
  • Increased damage against demons and undead monsters


  • Low Defenses
  • Low Physical Attack
  • Low Crit rate

Primary Attributes:

  • Constitution: Increase HP and Crit Resist

Secondary Attributes:

  • Int: Increase Magic Attack and Cool Down
  • Spirit: Increase MP and Skill Attack


Clerics are always in highest demand in PvE and PvP. They can heal, resurrect, purify debuffs, and inflict impressive amounts of damage.


When you first begin, you start out with the following stats:
Bolded Stats indicate Primary & Secondary Attributes.

  • Strength: 7
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Intelligence: 15
  • Constitution: 9
  • Spirit: 9

Prior to the promotion to Saint, you will not be able to adjust these. You can however buy equipment and soups or potions that give you increased stats.

After the Saint promotion, you will receive 10 Stat points + an addition 2 for every level past 50. These must be allocated manually under the "Character Info" screen.

Common Stat Builds: Build 1

  • 1st Point Dex (Only 1)
  • Half Points Intellect/Half Points Constitution
  • Comments: Decent Magic Attack with decent amount of HP needed to survive in PvP settings.

Build 2

  • 1st Point Dex (Only 1)
  • All Points Constitution
  • Comments: Strong defense with high HP, used mainly for Support Clerics.

You should always put 1 point into Dexterity to improve your Hit Rate, Dodge Rate, and Crit Rate; but only 1 because after that it does not help, only wastes points.

The rest of your Stat points should be allocated between Intelligence and Constitution. Most clerics choose to split them is some way between Intelligence and Constitution, but if you are having issues with MP and MP recovery, a point or two in Spirit or some Spirit enchantments may help with this.

Some general ratios for Int:Con allocations are 1:1 or 2:1. If you happen to have put all of your stat points into undesired areas, you can always correct this with a Rebirth from the Cash Shop or by enchanting your equips to boost the lacking stats.

For examples of Cleric builds, please visit the Cleric Skills page.

Battle/PvP ClericsEdit

These are the clerics that have very strong Magic Attack, but low HP and defense. Int build clerics have high magic attack making it easy for them to solo any dungeon as long as they are also geared properly. These clerics will rely heavily on the shields they can cast to absorb incoming damage and self-heals. These clerics put the word Hard Hitter in INT.

Support ClericsEdit

These clerics have lower Magic Attack for Heals and Attacks, but also have a lot of HP and Crit Resist from CON needed in PVP. Their HP and Crit Resist in combination with the various shields they can cast and heals they can spam making them a much needed class in any PVP battle. These clerics put tanky in the word CON.


Each class has a preference for certain types of Pran due to the passive and active skills they give to their master. For clerics, these preferences are for Water and Air Pran. Air Pran:

  • Enhances dodge rate, + maximum HP/MP, and HP/MP recovery.

Water Pran:

  • Enhances defenses, + maximum MP, and resistances.


Each class also gets their very own type of Mount. The clerics is called a Puma, which is a type of cat. You can also buy a Catacorn from the Cash Shop.

One free mount comes from a quest at level 40 in Cirrugor from Sir Ruffington. Any other mounts must be purchased. These mounts can be enchanted the same as other equipment to add enhancements to the cleric's stats via the same NPC in Cirrugor.


The cleric wears cloth Armor and uses a Wand for a weapon. As you level, more equipment options become available to you, but these two things do not change.

There are three types of equipment:

  • Normal
  • Unique
  • Superior

Unique equipment usually comes in sets that give bonus stat improvements if you possess 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the set pieces. These are generally the most desired because you get enhancements from the 1 piece of equipment as well as another from having multiple pieces.

Superior equipment is the next best. This equipment has the improved basic stats of the Normal counterpart, as well as an additional bonus. But these do not have a set bonus.

Normal equipment is the least desired and generally shouldn't be reinforced or enchanted because you will be improving an inferior quality item. They have lessened stats and no bonus effects. If this is all you can get, use it until you are able to obtain a Superior or Unique item.

Skills Edit

Clerics have a wide variety of buffs, heals, and debuffs at their disposal. They also have a few attacks, but these attacks are strong and should never be underestimated. A full PvP cleric is one of the most dangerous players on the field with the ability to not only kill their foes, but also heal their entire party and resurrect their fallen party members.

Different clerics prefer different Skill builds so there is really no universal build. You should get all of the skills maxed at some point, try them out, and see which works best for you. You can always reskill (for a small amount of gold) at the Skill Instructors when you find your ideal levels.

About HealsEdit

Heals are skills for the cleric the same as attacks would be to other players. Therefore, your Magic Attack increases the amount you heal. So at higher levels, a level 1 Cure or heal skill can heal for 1k or more depending on what your Attack and Healing stats are. When you get Aika Grace, you will get a new OP emergency heal that should be reserved for the most dire times because the cooldown makes it unspammable. You do not want to get stuck in a bind and have to wait for the cooldown of your best medium level heal.

General NotesEdit

  • If you are being attacked, run toward the tanker and stand on them if possible. If they are fighting something that could 1 hit you, of course this would not be the best idea so run close enough for them to pull the mobs the next time they aggro. Spam heal on yourself while doing this. Do NOT run away or into other mobs. If there isn't a paladin or warrior, run to the person that can get the mobs off of you. If you run into another player's AoE, the mobs will get hit and refocus their attention on the caster instead of you.
  • If the above is not possible because your entire party has been wiped out, run backwards through the dungeon (the area that has been cleared) until the mobs stop chasing you. You can now go back and revive your party.
  • Be careful casting heals/buffs in dungeons! Most heals and skills are aggro producing which means things will target you. If this happens, do the above suggestions. This does not mean you should not use them, just be wary of what is around you at the time and where you should run in case you do get targeted.
    • Purification does not cause aggro. Any debuffs that are outlined in red can be purified, if they are outlined in purple they can not be removed.
    • Sleep can always be removed regardless of red/purple outlining because any skill will remove this. When the player is hit they will wake up, even if it is hit with a heal/purification.
  • You can only resurrect people that are in your party or your raid. If they are not, they can join you after dying so you can revive them. Although having level 1 for resurrect is the absolute minimum, having this higher is better because it lowers the cooldown incase multiple people are killed at one time.
  • If you are in a party and the tanker dies, the 1st priority is to keep yourself alive and next getting them revived. If everyone else in the party dies, the tanker is still 1st priority. Without them taking all the aggro, everyone else will die anyway. If you must run... run and come back when its safe.
  • Angelic Armor, Holy Shield, and Rejuvination are 3 of your best assets. The shields will reduce your repair costs as well as keep you alive and rejuvination will allow you or your party members to heal while they fight.
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