Cirrugor is a city in Lakia similar to Regenshein. There are no mobs in this map.

It contains similar NPCs as Regenshein except Cirrugor has an NPC for Pheltas, Mount Dealer, and the ship that transports people to Traband.

The teleport in Regenshein warps people to Cirrugor for 2,500 gold and the teleport in Cirrugor warps them back for 2,500 gold.

To be transported to Traband, board the ship in Cirrugor Marina. This will move you to one of three ports located in Traband: Sar, Gobei, or Kakan.

To the southeast in Cirrugor, you can enter Ruins of Algon . To the east, you can enter Mt. Hessian.


These "Non-Playing Characters" give quests, are merchants, or otherwise interact with players.

NPC Significance
Anna Sutherland Cirrugor Bank Manager
Anvil Crafting
Blacksmith Jakob Lower equip level, Transfer, Quest
Camilla Magnum Scout Skill Master; Level 50 Daily
Carlos Leyte Level 48, 56, 64 Leather Armor Dealer
Cirrugor Combat Guard Save Point
Clara Obsidian Honor Accessory Merchant
Cordozar Dagger Fighter Skill Master; Level 50 Daily
Darren Oldman Level 48, 56, 64 Weapon Dealer
Diane Holmes Level 48, 56, 64 Cloth Armor Dealer
Gorden Myers Misc. Goods Merchant
Gunnar Panebik Captain to Traband
James Dinger Obsidian Honor Metal Merchant
Jeweler Sophia Pran Clothing Merchant
Jim Strongman Level 48, 56, 64 Metal Armor Dealer
Joanna Brown Obsidian Honor Cloth Merchant
Johann Wickelman Archeologist, Quest
Kate Marvey Pran Accessories Merchant
Matthew Taylor Cabin Crew, Quest
Merchant Annie Level 24, 32, 40 Cloth Armor Dealer
Merchant Colin Level 24, 32, 40 Metal Armor Dealer
Merchant Mauro Level 24, 32, 40 Weapon Dealer
Merchant Taylor Level 24, 32, 40 Leather Armor Dealer
Pamela Villas Quest
Ronde Obsidian Honor Leather Merchant
Sir Ruffington Mount Dealer, Mount Enchanter
Tammy Baker Quest
Teleport Teleports to Regenshein
Thelatar Zarethan Pheltas Transport; Daily Quests
Theletar Karimov Quest
Walrondeu Fever Obsidian Honor Weapon Merchant
Zacharius Moretti Spellcaster Skill Master; Quest
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