Celestine Caverns is located under a waterfall in Amarkand. It was once a cave in the ocean, when Lakia rose to the sky the water receded creating a cavern full of restless spirits and displaced monsters from Amarkand.

Inside the caverns is two dungeons, Marauder Hold which is in the western side of the map and Marauder Cabin which is in the northern edge of the map. The green arrow at the very top of the map marks the area that accesses Marauder Cabin, via the deck.

There are two save NPCs in this area. The first is located at the entrance of the caverns, in the far western room. The second is at the Marauder Hold Entrance.

To the far west is the entrance that leads back to Amarkand.

Coral Slasher the field boss spawns randomly around the caverns. Be sure to check both channels to find him!


These "Non-Playing Characters" give quests, are merchants, or otherwise interact with players.

NPC Quests
Alchemist Isaac Quests
Alchemist Lancaster Quests
Celestine Guard Save Point, Repairs equipment (located at caverns' entrance)
Scorpion Beckon Quests
Scorpion Lure Quests
Theletar Achaen Quests; Awards Portal Scrolls for Daily Quest
Theletar Hermos Quests; General Goods Merchant

Quest ObjectsEdit

These are objects used during quests. Objects are typically only used once for one quest.

Quest Objects
Celestine Mushroom Unknown Bone Grave
Elly's Beer Barrel


These are creatures killed for experience, quests, or items.

All Mobs randomly drop:

Mobs Essences Cloth Leather Minerals
Angry Draguana Tough Skin Iron
Blind Nerino Tough Skin Iron
Blue Spirit Water Essence Iron
Crimson Spirit Iron
Dark Neriking
Dark Nerino Tough Skin Iron
Deadful Bandit Air Essence Wool Fiber Iron
Draguana Water Essence Iron
Dreadful Assassin Air Essence Wool Fiber Iron
Dreadful Explorer Air Essence Wool Fiber Iron
Guard Mikhail Fire Essence Wool Fiber
Guard Troisi Fire Essence Wool Fiber
Gymenes Air Essence Tough Skin
Iron Garubian Tough Skin Iron
King Draguana Tough Skin
King Gymenes Water Essence Tough Skin
Poisonous Gymenes Iron
Vic Venturo
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