Quests are given by NPCs found all over the regions; however, most have a level requirement that must be met. Quests can be completed for a rewards, usually experience and gold.  Rewards may include gold, materials, equipment, experience, or often combination of these. The first 50 levels are very quest-centric; therefore, completing quests is the quickest way to get from level 1 to level 50.

Almost all of the in-game content will be unlocked by specific quests. For example, your Pran will be given to you as quest reward and the Pran is required to unlock most other quests in the game.

NPCs icons:

  • Red ! = Plot quest available
  • Green ! = Normal quest available
  • Blue ! = Repeatable quest available
  • Yellow ! = Daily quest available
  • White! = Has a quest, but you don't meet the requirements (usually pran or level required)
  • Blue ~ = Completed quest (found on map)
  • Flashing Yellow dot = Quest in progress (found on map)

There are 2 types of quests available: Plot and Normal.

Plot quests are not exactly required, but they unlock certain game features and are highly recommended as they often give equipment and crystals as rewards. They follow the Aika storyline and will guide you to the sequence of regions you should follow according to your level. Normal quests are side quests that are optional and mainly give experience and gold.

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