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What is a Pran?Edit

Pran are companions that you receive from a quest at level 7 from Captain Cromwell. The word "Pran" is derived for "Princess of Air Nymph". They follow you through your journey and cheer you on along the way. They are your constant companions that will buff and cast protective and useful spells on you if their devotion is high enough.

Although they have an HP and MP bar, they do not lose HP and therefore can not die. They will lose MP when they cast skills though.

If you do not have your Pran equiped after level 10, you will not be able to accept new quests and quests will not appear on your map.

Elemental InformationEdit

There are 3 types of Pran: Fire, Air, and Water and each type will provide specific skills that are useful for different classes.

Air Pran:

  • Riflemaster, Dual Gunner, Clerics
  • Increase MP and HP recovery
  • Decrease MP costs of spells
  • Skills
    • Increase all Wind skills damage
    • Increase Wind element resistance
    • Wind aura: increases dodging rate
    • Increase Max MP and HP
    • Reduces MP usage of skills
    • Increase regeneration rate of HP and MP

Water Pran:

  • Warrior, Paladin, Warlock, Cleric
  • Improve defense stats
  • Maximize MP
  • Skills
    • Increase all Water skills damage
    • Increase Water element resistance
    • Water Aura: increases physical and magical defence of armor
    • Increase Max MP
    • Casts a shield that absorbs damage
    • Increase resistance against abnormal status

Fire Pran:

  • Warrior, Paladin, Warlock
  • Improve attack stats
  • Maximize HP
  • Skills
    • Increase all Fire skills damage
    • Increase Fire element resistance
    • Fire aura: increases physical and magical attack of armor
    • Increase Max HP
    • Wrath: deals damage to attacking enemy
    • Increase critical rate

General InfoEdit

You can only have 2 Pran on each account at one time. You can have both with only 1 character, which is useful for storage, or share the 2 Pran between 3 characters on the same account via the Pran Station.

To equip your Pran: double click on the Pran stone or drag the stone to the "Character Info" screen slot. You can now benefit to skills she has or use her inventory by dragging items from your inventory to hers. If you would like to use or sell an item in your Pran's bag, you must 1st move the item back to yours.

To switch the Pran to a different character: deposit the Pran into the Pran Station, log into other character, and drag the Pran to your inventory.

If you wish to delete a Pran, you can create a 2nd or 3rd character, place the pran on that character, and delete the entire character. This will cause you to lose any items in that deleted character's or Pran's inventory as well so put anything you want to keep in the bank! It will also take 3 days to complete the deletion process.

Clothing and AccessoriesEdit

Clothing and accessories for your Child and Teenager can be acquired in Regenshein, Cirrugor, Hessian Tree, and Epheso. Fairy Prans do not wear any clothing or accessories. Adult accessories are sold by the Cash Shop only.

Premium clothing and accessory items may also be purchased from the Cash Shop with Tcoins. These items give bonuses to your stats! All Cash Shop items will expire after a specified time, but can be repaired with "Repair Tools" that can also be bought.

Food and potions for your Pran can also be purchased at these locations from NPCs or from the Cash Shop. Although the HP potions are useless since your Pran never loses HP, the MP maybe useful if you use Pran skills a lot.

The clothing available for your Pran depends on their level. You will not be able to equip items that are not for their age range: Child, Teenager, Adult.

See the pages below for specific information about consumable items, clothing, wings, and accessories.

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