Aika is a mass PvP game involving 5 Nations which are similar to countries. Nations all share the same maps, regions, quests, and NPCs.


These 5 Nations are:

Each Nation has a seperate governing group called the Lord Marshal's Alliance. This is the alliance that has won Castle Seige and are now in charge of taxes, temples and relics, and alliances with other Nations.

Once you become a citizen of a particular Nation, all of your characters on that account are automatically citizens of it as well. You are only able to travel peacefully to other allied Nations. You will be considered an enemy if you teleport to any others.

To become a citizen of a Nation, you must complete a quest that is available at level 10. Talk to Magnus Trovato in Regenshein to do this.

To travel between enemy Nations, you must go to Rhawn Crossroads. In the center of the map is The Rift. This is the only crossing place between other nations that you are not in an alliance with.

To travel to allied Nations, talk to Theletar Darezhan located behind the Town Teleport in Regenshein.

After becoming a citizen, if you wish to move to a different Nation, you must purchase an Exile Warrant from the Cash Shop.

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