Mounts are rideable objects ingame. Premium mounts gives boosts to character's stats and can be purchased from the Cash Shop. These expire after 30 days and you must purchase a mount license from the Cash Shop afterwards to extend their use.

A premium mount may be used by a character level 10 or greater as long as they own a Mount Saddle from the Cash Shop or the mount skill. The saddle is used in place of the mount skill and therefore is useless after level 40.

To use a Mount Saddle (levels 10-39 only):

  • Purchase Mount Saddle & premium mount of your class (sold separately from saddle)
  • Move mount box to your inventory (right-click)
  • Right-click to open the box, double-click to equip the mount to your Character Info screen
  • Right-click the saddle to ride your mount each time.

You can acquire a basic mount from a level 40 quest series located in Cirrugor for free. Or you purchase the same mount from that NPC for 2 million gold instead of the quest chain option. These mounts do not give bonuses to stats unless they are enchanted.

You can enchant mounts with mount stones from that same NPC in Cirrugor, Sir Ruffington. You may also use a Mount Change V2 ticket from the Cash Shop to skin your mount to the Traband series mounts!

For more information about mounts, please visit the pages below.

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