Castle Siege is a weekly event that is held every Saturday in which the current Lord Marshal must defend his position against a Guild or Alliance that wishes to gain control of the Nation. The entire event must be completed in a 1 hour time frame.



Basic Information

  • Begins: Every Saturday at 1pm PST

Application Information

  • Application Open: Wednesday at 11am PST
  • Application Closes: Thurdays at 11:59pm PST
  • Participants/Positions Announced: Friday at 1pm PST


Alliance leader of the challenging party must be in a level 2 Guild and have 100k gold in their Guild Warehouse. Then, they must speak to NPC Robert Delfino in Regenshein.

The reigning Lord Marshal has 15 minutes to prepare for the invasion. Participating guild members should wait by this NPC until the time they are allowed to enter the Lakian Fortress. Players that have not registered can still participate. They will be asked whether they are on the defending or offensive side and placed as individuals.

Up to 16 guilds or 4 alliances can challenge the reigning LMA in each Castle Siege. Once applied, the registration can not be cancelled.

Class Roles and PositioningEdit

As in dungeons, each class has specific roles they are expected to perform. Knowing your role in each battle can make the difference between a win and lose.


This is the primary tank and will be in the front making inital contact with the enemy. They are in the front of all pushes along with Warriors. When the altar room is cleared, 3 Paladins will be selected to click each of the 3 Orbs. They should cast a fresh Divine Ward (DW) prior to clicking the Orb because they will be unable to defend themselves after the ceremony beings.


Warriors are the secondary tanks that are solely for support to Paladins. Once through the chokes, warriors should protect the Paladins that are Orb holders or the Alliance Leader. No one should be allowed to hit either of these during the ceremony.


This class should focus on dispatching enemy Clerics and which ever targets the Warriors (protecting the Paladins) are fighting. This is a single-target class and should focus on killing anything that makes it through the choke while the ceremony is in progress.

Dual GunnerEdit

This class' roles are similar to RMs except they should mainly focus on Clerics. Due to their speed while stealthed they can skate around the room easily to dispatch enemy Clerics. Belladonna is a good skill to hit enemy Paladins and Warriors. May occasionally need to assist a Warrior or defend the Alliance Leader.


This class is the main crowd control class. They should be behind the frontline pushers and out of the range of AoEs. While pushing chokes, the main focus is to stand back, shadowfall, and look for enemy clerics. When the group is through the choke, get back on the back side of the wall and keep shadowfall running. Do not overlap Shadowfall because it does not stack, whoever casts it first is the 1 that will hit targets. Volt Rain should be saved (because of the long cooldown) until when it is most important which is if a large group infiltrates the altar room during the ceremony. If you see a Cleric infiltrate the altar room, silence them if possible.


Primary focus for Clerics is to heal the Paladins and Warriors. When possible castigate should be used on enemy Paladins and Warriors and Insight around Orb holders and Alliance Leader. Once the ceremony begins, it is vital to focus heals on the Orb holders and Alliance Leader.

Siege BeginsEdit


This pvp event takes place in the Lakian Fortress. The current Lord Marshal's Alliance must defend the Castle against the would-be usurpers.

During the event, there is a Castle War Progress window that appears that will give the real-time status of the siege. It shows the status of all the gates, towers, orbs, and altar.

The fortress contains 2 walls (inner and outer) which have 9 gates total (black dots). One of these gates on each wall must be destroyed to get to the innermost portion of the Castle.

There will be defenders throughout the Castle and the towers will be functioning as defensive structures. All defenders will have their names in red text.


1st Wall BreechedEdit

Once inside the outer wall, the challenging Guilds must defeat 3 towers which are placed by the Lord Marshal to attack the challengers and are protected by Guard Stones. When a tower is defeated, the tower will serve as a revive point for the guild that conquered it and will then attack the defenders of the castle.

Now there are 5 gates located on the inner wall. One of these gates must be destroyed to enter the Alter area. Two of these gates are legitimate gates while 3 of the gates are illusion gates which can take damage but never be fully destroyed.

2nd Wall BreechedEdit

Inside the 2nd wall is the Altar area that possesses 5 Elemental Orbs (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Dark) and the Lord Marshal's flag. The Elemental Orbs are located at the points of the room (red diamonds) and must be damaged. Once 3 of these are damaged, the shield surrounding the flag will drop and the Fire, Air, and Water orbs will be activated.

Lord Marshal's CeremonyEdit

The challenging Guild or Alliance must obtain the flag to begin the ceremony. Once a Guild Master obtains the flag the ceremony begins and a countdown will be displayed on the screen. This lasts for 2 minutes and if the flag holder is killed or the Orb holders are attacked/killed before the ceremony ends, the ceremony is cancelled and must be restarted. Once the ceremony has completed in its entirety, a message will be displayed announcing the new Lord Marshal.

If no one succeeds in completing the ceremony, the current leaders retain their positions.

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