Aika Battlefield, or Panoptinum, is a pvp area for all nations where you can farm for honor, test your pvp skills with your friends, or participate in events.

There are 3 Modes: Team Deathmatch, Practice Arena, and Squad. There are different settings, time limits, and maps for each mode.

The general use of the Battlefield is to farm honor for equipment, accessories, and the 10% quest dailies in Squad mode.

To enter the Battlefield, talk to Friedrich Kroeger located in the Military District of Regenshein. The Battlefield is currently located on the Ostyrion server.

Entering a RoomEdit

Once you speak to Friedrich Kroeger in Regenshein, you will be teleported to the Battlefield waiting room. This room has all nations, but this is a pve area.

To enter a room, you must walk to the center of the northern wall. There will be a NPC Guard Michel Ford and Theletar Morenis.

Select Theletar Morenis and choose "Battlefield Info" to pick a room. The screen will give you a list of rooms to choose from and information about each.

You can refresh the list, enter a room, open your own room, or leave the screen by choosing an option along the bottom of the screen.

Inside a RoomEdit

Now you are inside the room and can see all the people on both teams, their classes, and levels. The room leader's name will be in pink.

In the center of the screen you can see all of the information about the room, winning conditions, location, ect. You can also move to the other team. If you have already clicked "Ready", you must click it again before you click "Switch Sides."

At the bottom is a chat window that will show your team's chat and the room leader's chat only. The other side can not read what you write in this, only the room leader's text will be seen by both sides.

You must select "Ready" in the bottom right of the screen to go to the Battlefield. If you do not click ready immediately, you are holding up the entire group and may be kicked by the room leader.

Inside the BattlefieldEdit

When the room is at least half full and your room leader clicks start, you are teleported to the Battlefield.

Each team starts out on their side with a flame barrier seperating the two groups. You have some time to buff and get ready before the barrier drops and the battle begins.


At the top of the screen, you can see a point bar that shows the number of lives, hearts, and the time. Points are the number of resurrections left for each player. Since each player starts with 3 hearts, there is a total of 72 hearts.

As players are killed, they are resurrected automatically in the same spot with full HP & MP and a buff for a few seconds (gold glow) that prevents them from taking damage.

Each time a player dies, they lose 1 heart. After you die 3 times, you are resurrected with the skull above your head. This means that if you die one more time you will not be resurrected. If you are killed a 4th time, you are sent to an observation mode overlooking the field.

Honor FarmingEdit


Since the main use of the Battlefield is to farm honor, this will be the main focus of this page.

The entire goal of farming is to get a score of 1-0 hearts because this gives the most amount of honor with the winning side having the 1 heart. The typical way to do so is described below.

As stated, each team is on each end of the field and a barrier seperates them. People that are not active in the battle, but are farming honor stay where they are ported and do not move. These people remove all their equipment and buffs so they can be killed quickly. Prans are deactivated so they do not need to be removed.

The active players will move forward to the barrier and buff up. Equipment is usually kept on for these players so they can kill quicker. Its convenient to join a party of actives so you can see your hearts easily, but this is not necessary.

When the barrier drops, the active players on each side will run toward the inactive enemies and kill them as quickly as possible. This is when DPS and AoEs are most desired.

After killing the AFKed players, move to the center of the field and stand in a close group. The team that is supposed to LOSE the match should kill the WINNING side's players until they only have 1 heart left for their team. The WINNING people will just stand there and be killed. When they don't have any hearts left (other than the 1 chosen to have last heart) they will leave the AoE group and run to the sides. DO NOT attack anyone that leaves the "die" group in the center.

The winning team will now kill all the losing teams players until 1 person has 1 life left. So basically you will stand there and let them kill you until you are removed from the match completely. Skulls (players with 1 life) do NOT leave the AoE "die" circle if your team is supposed to lose.

At the 20 second mark, the person on the LOSING team with the last life will then be killed. So the final result is the winning team having 1 heart and the losing team having 0 hearts and 0 lives.

After the time ends, a screen will tell you the score. Confirm that screen and you are automatically teleported back to the waiting room. You should select "Ready" again as soon as you are teleported or "Leave" if you wish to leave.

Successful FarmEdit

If your room is successful, you can get up to 1600+ honor each round on the winning team and 800+ for the losing team if you are using Potion of Defense or Potion of Arcane Defense. If you are not using potions, you can get half of that amount.

Everyone wants to gain the maximum amount of honor so finding people to participate is not difficult. The main problem is people do not understand when or why they must die.

If your room has the maximum amount of honor each round, you could potentially get 14400 honor each hour. This means you can complete the quest dailies in an hour for levels 80 and below.


This is a quick list of things to remember about being in the Battlefield.

  • "Ready" immediately when you enter a room to avoid being kicked.
  • If you enter a room that is in progress, run to someone so they can kill you. This is so you will not mess up the honor for the people that were already in there.
  • If your party leader tells you to kill to 1, that means to kill the opposing team until 1 life is left.
  • If your party leader tells you to die to 1, this means that you need to die until only 1 heart is left on the team.
  • The winning team is the only one that should run away from being attacked with a skull above their head. This is so they can kill the other team after the team has dropped the winner's hearts to 1 heart.
  • If your room is unable to get a 1-0 score, the best score you can get is one that is as close as possible. The less the difference, the greater the honor payout will be.
  • Click F10 to see who has hearts, has 0 lives left, ect.
  • When you are killed and have no more lives, you are removed from the match and will be in an observation state. You are not removed from the room completely.
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